Dawei Awesome brings Water Aerobics to Shenzhen!

Dawei Awesome brings Water Aerobics to Shenzhen!Dawei Awesome will be conducting  a free water aerobics class in Shekou

Water Aerobics Class Details:

When: Starting February 28h Every Tuesday and Thursday Morning. Two classes, 10am – 11am and 11am – 12pm!
Price: The class on February 28th is FREE! Each class after that is RMB 200 (minimum purchase of 15 classes).
Where: Zhaoshang Hai Yue Indoor pool, see Shekou Pool and scroll down for detailed directions.

The Benefits of Water Aerobics:

If you looking for a fun way to lose weight and stay in shape after the CNY holiday – nothing is better than Water Aerobics!

  • Lose weight and Stay in Shape
  • Increase Energy and Endurance
  • Relaxing and Refreshing Sweat-Free Exercise
  • Meet New People
  • Improve Flexibility & Cardio Health

Sign ups are limited and classes are expected to fill quickly! Don’t miss out! Sign up today by filling out our form on Daweiawesome.com ,e-mailing us at register@daweiawesome.com, or call David@ 15919843940.

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