Silver is Where it’s At

Silver is Where it’s AtOk, so here we have it – as a one off recommendation as to where to house your money and protect your wealth on a buy and HOLD long term strategy, SILVER is where it’s at.

The bull run in precious metals is far from over. As investors, or potential investors, you should always have exposure to precious metals markets. Why? As a store of wealth and protection against inflation.

If you haven’t got involved in either gold or silver so far, have a look at the potential of silver.

I’ll be writing regularly about silver. Gold hogs the headlines, but the potential for silver is far greater.

When in a bull market, investors are faced with the question as to whether or not to wait and get in on a correction, or get in now anticipating prices will continue to go higher – and risk getting whacked if there is a correction.

This shouldn’t affect you unless you plan to ‘trade’. This is a buy and hold strategy in the PHYSICAL commodity – not underlying stocks and shares of silver companies (to be discussed at a later date).

My goal is to make you aware of the different ways you can invest in silver, whilst enlightening you as to why silver is a good investment.

Hallmarks of accomplished investors are patience and discipline. You don’t want to overpay and drain your cash reserves.

Ideally you should be accumulating silver on price corrections, whether stocks or physical bullion, though attaining ownership is more important than timing with this play.

When you look back after this market has run its course, gold and silver will have rewarded those with the foresight and understanding of not just the commodity markets, but those who able to think clearly around the global financial position that we currently find ourselves in. Smart exposure and staying the course. Especially when the ‘experts’ on Bloomberg and CNN are saying otherwise.

A smart man once told me that if there was one investment he would recommend to his own mum, the steady accumulation of silver over time would be it.

This is going to be a weekly report. Next up, the lay of the land and why silver is the investment of choice.


Today Change Week Ago Month Ago Year Ago
Gold $1,756.40 +$32.70 $1,715.70 $1,664.10 $1,388.60
Silver $34.50 +$1.22 $33.41 $31.76 $32.37

10 Comments for “Silver is Where it’s At”

  1. Where would you recommend buying silver coins in Shenzhen or Hong Kong?

    How would you rate Kitco HK and Swiss Investors in terms of competitive premiums and reliability?


    • Hi John,

      I would recommend buying silver coins in Hong Kong. Why? Because I have a bit more faith in the authenticity of what i’m getting. Right now, I’m not 100% confident that the necessary systems and controls are in place that would give me the level of comfort i’d be looking for when making an investment.

      Personally, I haven’t used Kitco HK or Swiss Investors. That said, I have had experience of Kitco at source in Canada and am reliably informed that the HK outfit is equally as professional as elsewhere. So i’d be inclined to use them. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with Swiss Investors, just that i’ve had no experience with them. Kitco have been around since the 70′s I believe, 40 odd years of contacts and experience within the market place again gives me the confidence I would be looking for when considering a purchase. I will endeavour to meet the Swiss Investors team when i’m next over in HK. Just because they were only established in 2008 doesn’t mean to say they don’t have the expertise, at this stage it’s just a personal preference.

      Hope that answers your question….if not, fire something back at me and I will respond.

      • Kitco HK are the best I have experienced in HK. I haven’t tried Swiss Investors yet.

      • I’ve been to Kitco HK three times the past year, and I’ve never had a problem with them. I’ve stored the ounces I’ve purchased in a safe deposit box in HSBC HK myself. I think that you can also use Kitco’s own facility to store whatever you buy from them.

  2. The US imported 6,600,000 oz of silver for consumption in 2011 – up from 2007’s imports of 4,830,000 oz.

    2011 was the first year in which official coin sales will surpass US domestic silver production.

    Buy Silver.

  3. As of January 25th 2012, 5,547,000 Bullion American Silver Eagles were sold.

    Buy Silver.

  4. 2002 – 10,539,026 Bullion American Silver Eagles were sold.
    2003 – 8,495,008 Bullion American Silver Eagles were sold.
    2004 – 8,882,754 Bullion American Silver Eagles were sold.
    2005 – 8,891,025 Bullion American Silver Eagles were sold.
    2006 – 10,676,522 Bullion American Silver Eagles were sold.
    2007 – 9,028,036 Bullion American Silver Eagles were sold.
    2008 – 20,583,000 Bullion American Silver Eagles were sold.
    2009 – 30,459,000 Bullion American Silver Eagles were sold.
    2010 – 34,700,000 Bullion American Silver Eagle were sold.
    2011 – 39,868,500 Bullion American Silver Eagle were sold.

  5. Industry needs silver for about 10,000 different applications.

    Buy Silver.

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