Beer Review: Rogue American Amber Ale

Rogue American Amber Ale

355ml – 5,3%

The Rogue American Amber Ale combines roasted malt accents with a nice hop flavor creating a smooth finish without any bitterness. This easy drinking, medium body Ale pours into a lovely dark golden amber colored beer. The Rogue Brewery can be found in the picturesque coastal town of Newport, Oregon where it was founded in 1988.

This multi international award-winning brew is sold in all 50 of the American States, 21 countries and has now found its way to Shenzhen!

Awards won:

2011 World Beer Championships – Silver
2010 Australian International Beer Awards—Silver
2010 World Beer Championships—Silver
2010 Japan Asia Beer Cup – Bronze

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  1. It has won a few awards:

    2011 World Beer Championships – Silver
    2010 Australian International Beer Awards—Silver
    2010 World Beer Championships—Silver
    2010 Japan Asia Beer Cup – Bronze
    2009 Great International Beer Festival—2nd
    2009 World Beer Championships—Silver
    2008 Great International Beer Festival—2nd
    2008 GABF—Bronze
    2008 World Beer Championships—Silver
    2008 Australian International Beer Awards—Bronze
    2007 World Beer Championships—Gold (Best of 2007)
    2007 Australian International Beer Awards—Silver
    2006 New Zealand International Beer Awards—Best in Class
    2006 U.S. Beer Tasting Championship—PNW Champ
    2006 World Beer Championships—Gold (Best of 2006)
    2006 Great International Beer Festival—3rd
    2005 World Beer Championships—Gold (Best of 2005)
    2005 BIIA—Bronze
    2005 Stockholm Beer Festival—Bronze
    2005 21st Beverage Dynamics Pkg Awards—2nd Poster
    2004 World Beer Championships—Gold (Best of 2004)
    2004 BIIA—Gold
    2004 Australian International Beer Awards—Silver
    2003 World Beer Championships—Gold
    2003 U.S. Beer Tasting Championship—PNW Champ
    2003 Australian International Beer Awards—Bronze
    2002 U.S. Beer Tasting Championship—PNW Champ
    2002 World Beer Championships—Silver
    2002 Great International Beer Festival—2nd
    2002 18th Beverage Dynamics Pkg Awards—1st Tap Handle
    2001 U.S. Beer Tasting Championship—PNW Champ
    2001 Australian International Beer Awards—Bronze
    2000 U.S. Beer Tasting Championship—Grand Champ
    2000 Australian International Beer Awards—Gold
    2000 World Beer Championships—Silver
    1999 World Beer Championships—Silver
    1998 World Beer Championships—Silver
    1997 World Beer Championships—Silver
    1996 World Beer Championships—Gold
    1996 Malt Advocate—1st
    1996 Wine Journal Great American Microbrew Awards—Silver
    1995 World Beer Championships—Bronze
    1994 World Beer Championships—Silver

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