Beer Review: Brewdog 77 Lager

Brewdog 77 Lager

330ml – 4,9%

The 77 Lager is another fan-favorite coming from the Brewdog boys in Scotland. This lager embodies a light fruity flavor with a caramel aroma and a nice smooth finish. In conjunction with the rest of the Brewdog beers, the 77 Lager is brewed with 100% malt and whole leaf hops without the use of preservatives, additives or any other cheap substitutes, giving the 77 Lager that natural touch you look for in a good beer.

Brewdog: ‘The BrewDog brewery sits amidst the harsh and rugged landscape of North East Scotland. We do everything on site, from taking in the best raw materials and to shipping the packaged craft beer. We are rocking a 50HL Brew House, which is powered by energy drinks and loud metal music brews round the clock. In 2010 we shipped 15,000 HL of beer from our Aberdeenshire HQ, changing people’s perceptions about beer, one bottle at a time.”

“Taste 77 Lager and we are pretty sure you will agree that the fine line between genius and insanity has just become a little more blurred.”

Find out what other beer lovers have to say about the Brewdog 77 Lager.

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  1. Jason Holladay

    Ah my favorite Brew Dog beer. Stocks are limited in China so contact me quick to try this awesome drink.
    Email jason.holladay@dxcel.com.cn

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