Beer Review: Estrella Damm

Beer Review: Estrella DammEstrella Damm

330ml – 4,6%

Estrella Damm: “This beer is the jewel in the crown of Damm’s century-long beer-brewing experience. Since 1876, when Alsatian August Kuentzmann Damm founded the company bearing his name, numerous generations of master brewers have perfected this lager until it has become a landmark in the world of beers. This lager beer with a universally appreciated character and taste is ideal for drinking at any time. Its high quality is due to the finest selection of raw materials and the meticulous brewing process. It stands out for its creamy hops-flavored froth and refreshing taste.”

The Estrella Damm embodies a moderate sweet flavor and has a nice hoppy aroma. While pouring this lager you can’t help to see a resemblance of the Mediterranean sun when the bright gold color unfolds in the glass in front of you.

Close your eyes, take a sip and imagine you are sitting on a park bench at plaza de Catalunya, Barcelona on a hot summers day.

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  1. My go-to beer when visiting Barcelona :)

  2. Where to buy this in shenzhen? (especially the Inedit?)

  3. Great Spanish beer. We also have the Estrella Damm Inedit in beautiful 750ml black wine bottle. Great to share over a meal.
    Email me for a full price list of all our beers – jason.holladay@dxcel.com.cn

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