QSI Students Performed Well in Recent Southern Delta Regional Conference

QSI Students Performed Well in Recent Southern Delta Regional ConferenceThe SDRC Volleyball tournament was a success and organizers are thanking all the parents that attended the tournament making it one loud and exciting event. Also congratulations to the coaches and players for playing and participating in one of the most competitive sports tournament in five years at middle school level. Hope to see you all again in Hong Kong for the SDRC Basketball Tournament.

On the second day of the SDRC tournament things were heating up, on the first game UIS was tied against AISG 24-24 and the very last moment AISG took the set for 26 points. A new record was made by QSI Yellow Girls Maggie Hun who scored 16 points on a consecutive serve streak. Coach Hunt of the QSI team said that serving is important in getting points. During the tournament QSI Yellow was taking a lead in the boy’s tournament as well.

During the girl’s final match was played well and with such intensity that every point made was cheered loudly from the sidelines. QSI took the first set, while the second set was taken by SIS. But QSI won’t go down without a fight the team came back with such force and determination that lead them to win the game 15-4.

Here is the Final Standings of the concluded volleyball game:


6th place: AISHK
5th place: QSI Blue
4th place: AISG
3rd place: UIS
2nd place: SIS
1st place: QSI Yellow


6th place: AISHK
5th place: UIS
4th place: SIS
3rd place: QSI Blue
2nd place: QSI Yellow
1st place: AISG

Sportsmanship Awards:

Girls QSI Blue

Boys QSI Blue

All Tournament Players:


AISG: Maggie MacFie & Nicole Chou

AISHK: Jasmine Fasso & Caitlin Hopkirk Jones

QSI Blue: Sara Chan & Anna Karlborg

QSI Yellow: Yoon Hwa Kim & Ashley Fraistat

SIS: Erin Hwang & Charlie Yeoh

UIS: Margeaux de Lamarzelle & Queenie Huang


AISG: Ji Sup Kim & Martin Lau

AISHK: Callum Rogers & Ryan O’Sullivan

QSI Blue: Shannon Youse & Abel Hordeaux

QSI Yellow: Brian Ko & Allen Ho

SIS: Isshin Yokota & Thomas Wei

UIS: Come Grandpierre & Jasper Seirio

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