There’s Something Funny Going on in Grade 2!

There’s Something Funny Going on in Grade 2!Strange sounds have been heard coming from grade 2 classrooms…odd images have been seen in the corridors. What ARE grade 2 up to?!

This month they have been learning all about humour and what makes something funny.

From alliteration to odes, captions to onomatopoeia the students have been investigating how we use language to make people laugh– and then putting these techniques into practise, with some very amusing results

They have added witty captions to pictures :

“You cannot bring this to school”

“I’m not a nut!”

“Bob loves his new hat!”

They have made up stupendous similes :

My piano is as heavy as an elephant.

My brother is as annoying as a fly.

My dad works as hard as an ant

Football is as fun as doing a  flip off the diving board.

And finally answered the question: “What do you get if you cross  a Grade 2 student with alliteration? Tongue twisters!”

The technique of starting several words in a sentence with the same letter really brought out the comic talents  of the students.

Headlines such as :

“Magic Madison Makes a Magic Mixture” and

“Ory Orders Oysters”

led to crazy tongue twisters.

Here are some of the results—try saying them three times, fast!

* Sonny eats sour sugar and sings super songs on Sunday

* Lisa saw a ladybug living on a lovely leaf.

* A seller showed Saaya how to scare a movie star.

* Bright beetle baked a bug bun.

* Jeff jerked the bowl of jelly while judging Jack’s judo.

This unit proves conclusively what fun learning can be. Each student has enjoyed manipulating language, learning techniques that ‘real writers’ use and also making us all laugh.

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