Beer Review: Saranac Pale Ale

Saranac Pale Ale

355ml – 5,5%

Saranac Brewery: ‘Saranac Pale Ale is a classic English style Pale Ale brewed with six specialty malts and perfectly hopped with hand selected English Kent goldings and fuggles hops. Look for a rich fruity hop bouquet, a copper amber color and a smooth full flavored taste with a crisp finish that only comes from a genuine top fermented ale’

To understand the true beauty of the Saranac beers you need to know a little more about the Saranac Brewery. The Brewery can be found in Utica, New York on the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. The Adirondacks are the largest and one of the oldest state parks in the country. The state park stretches over nearly 6 million acres of pristine wilderness encompassing the same size as the state of Vermont, this is a place of pure beauty.

The word Saranac means “cluster of stars” to the native Iroquois tribe, the original people of the Adirondacks. Clear lakes, open skies and breathtaking mountains is what drew the Iroquois to this place many years ago and was also the place for the Matt family to settle centuries later.

After a successful career at the famous Duke of Baden Brewery in Germany F.X. Matt set off to the United States in 1885 with a dream to start his own brewery. Generation after generation of the Matt family kept his dream alive resulting in the many delicious beers that are still brewed in Utica to this day.

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