Please, No More Hate – A Look at Social Media and Technology and How They Affect Bullying in School

Please, No More HateA phenomena present in social communities all over the world, cyber bullying involves a person being insulted, abused, or threatened over social networking sites, IM clients, or SMS. This practice is not new, and it has become quite widespread because it makes it easy for people to insult their peers while hiding behind a monitor screen.

With the rising use of sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, people have a speedy, efficient, and widespread way to communicate. However, where there is interaction between groups of internet-goers, it becomes more likely for negativity to be present. A person who posts hate comments against another user is a type of bully.

For most, it is not easy to simply ignore hateful remarks made about them on the internet, especially when they are up for everyone to see. It has often happened before in schools all around the world where someone was virtually tormented to the point of suicide. This is a serious issue, and we should all treat it as such.

In QSI Shekou, the number of reports concerning this issue, according to Mr. Hemphill, is not high. However, teachers have stated that they believe cyber bullying does occur. The director and counselor are working together with a group of students to raise awareness about the issue, and they encourage students to report abuse when they spot it. Mr. Hemphill states that if students have an easy and safe way to report these incidences, they will.

If you have ever been personally insulted on the internet, try not to take it to heart. If it is continuous or presents a serious threat, report it to your parents or teachers. If you hear of others becoming the target for a bully, don’t put up with it and don’t encourage it, but report it immediately. Bullies quickly lose their power if they are condemned by their peers.

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