QSI Students Look at Innovating The Next Big Thing and Learning About Entrepreneurship

The Next Big ThingLast February 23 and 24, Mrs. Sedmak’s US History class groups debuted prospective product designs to an audience of potential “investors.” These products were directed at benefiting society in one manner or another, and moreover, to collect the confidence of the investors and their investments. Their incentives?

The winners would receive an immunity shot from the A-level question on their unit test. “While we were studying the period of The Next Big Thing American entrepreneurship, I came up with the idea of challenging the class with new inventions of their own that would transform the world. The goal was for them to develop products that would save resources within our ever crowding world,” said the teacher.

The products ranged from funny and extreme to creative and innovative – from homework completion machines to anti-fog glasses. Investors were drawn into presentations through the sales pitchmen’s charisma and enthusiasm, or just a purely genius innovation.

Those most successful received greater investment amounts, with each check representing the amount of change that the product could offer the world. Winners of one class, Ashley Park, Evangeline Tee, Rebecca Tore, Tora Karlborg, and Rachel Fraistat, created Trash Begone, an idea which would eliminate the need for landfills on earth. “There won’t be any garbage lying around in the environment, animals will not be harmed, and water and air pollution will both decrease. If this is successful, we even plan to use this as
a source of biofuel.”

The winners of the other class; Ron Israeli, Fiona Lewis, and Shay Grinvald, created the iCare, a nicotine inhaler. “This inhaler would increase the average lifespan of non-smokers because it would prevent exposure to the damaging effects of second- hand smoke.

On a lighter side, competitors GRM3000 and iDon’tSlips fell slightly short with an all-purpose morning-preparation closet, as well as anti-slip showering suction cups, respectively. “There will be fewer medical bills, and if you happen to slip in the shower, you’ll waste water seeing as you won’t be able to turn the water off. We are saving the world one drop and life at a time,” says Madeleine Paugh of iDon’tSlips.

In a few years, these entrepreneurs may go on to spark the next big thing.

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