A One Day Trip to Daping Forest Park

A One Day Trip to Daping Forest ParkEasy for everybody. Several different loops for one day in the greenery

Dapingzhang Forest park is located soon after the border of Shenzhen in Dongguan territory . The best way to reach the site is to travel the Highway G94 from Meilin to Dongguan and exit at the Daxing Exit where the brown tourist signals of the park will take you to the entrance gate in less then 3 km. The entrance the park ( free, no ticket ) , as well as all the Daping Zhang park are in vicinity of the Mission Hill golf club so that you will pass just beside one of the entrance of the Mission hill before to arrive to the entrance gate of the park situate in a picturesque area with green hills and a lake.

After leave your transportation at the parking ( which is very cheap, only few RMB for one day stay) you will cross a river on a classical Chinese bridge and then pass a imposing gate . Here you can turn on the left to go visit a huge white statue of GuanYin or better turn on the right in direction of the main road of the park, that is covering a total area of 26.7 Square Kilometer..

A One Day Trip to Daping Forest ParkAfter one hundred meter on the right you will find a kind of arch made by concrete and that will lead you to an unpaved road and few hundred meter later to the starting of the bamboo trail, that take over a hill with a fine stoned path. The trail became very beautiful after you will find yourself into a real bamboo forest that is growing beside a clear creek.

The area is very well kept with a large investment of infrastructure that includes toilet every few hundreds meters, pavilions and rest area every one hundred meter, and a large wooden path that will lead you to a double wooden wheel placed into the river.

Her it’s convenient for you to leave the bamboo path and continue on the main road up to the gate of the mountain road , ( police stall there ).

Also with the help of the map placed on the site, you should find on your right hand the starting point of the stone path that indicate the GuanYin mountain path ( 2000 meter). The path that is very well maintained run into a deep tropical forest along the side of the GuanYin mountain and will lead you to the intersection with a small road in about one hour.

Here you can decide to turn on the left downhill and enter in a new loop or turn up on the right to reach the top of the hill.

Our advise is to turn up to the top where is a nice panoramic point of view of the whole park . The elevation is here around 380 meters on the sea level.

A One Day Trip to Daping Forest ParkHere it’s also a good place for a pic-nic.

Down the top of the mountain you will find several intersections some of them on the left are taking to another part of the park that definitely will make too long your one day trip. Better stay on the right where you will find a new path to go down to the parking area. The distance is signed on the brown arrows that show the trail ( 2650 meters).

You will descend the hill in a new valley with nice view on the green surrounding hills. In about 40 minutes you will be back to the police stall and 10 minutes after to the 2 wheels in wood.

This time you can take again the bamboo path and walk the second part of it that stroll in a beautiful scenery along a river. At the end you will find yourself just few hundred meters from the entrance gate of the park.

A good time to visit the park is February or beginning of March when you will able to pick up from the trees exquisite mandarins that grows in the fields unattended.

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It is while conducting hiking and cycling groups in these areas for nearly 10 years that Marco decided to compile and share his knowledge in a single volume: “Shenzhen Hikes.”

Marco is an well-known Italian author and has published articles in various Chinese newspapers, including Shenzhen Daily.

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