Ancient Buddhist Relics to be Placed on Display

Ancient Buddhists Relics to be Placed on DisplayBuddhist treasures from the mainland will be on exhibit next month in Hong Kong. This will be the first time these priceless relics from the Chinese mainland to be shown to the outside world.

A relic of Sakyamuni Buddha, the skull sarira will be placed on display from April 25 to 30. The venue will be at the Third World Buddhist Forum in Hong Kong. The sarira was previously housed in the Bao’an Temple is expected to draw millions of viewers whether they are Buddhists or non believers.

The relic is believed to be the only skull sarira of Sakyamuni to be found in China. Sarira and other relics are part of an important Buddhist ritual. The relic will be brought to Hong Kong by private jet and will be placed under guard by masters. Two more relics from the mainland will also be  placed on display.

The exhibition of the skull sarira is considered a groundbreaking occasion and it will assist in the communication between the mainland Buddhists with their counterparts. Buddhists always pray for world peace and this exhibition unites believers and non-believers in hopes to achieve harmony. Some say Buddhism is an important part of Chinese culture and one way to promote China worldwide.

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