Malaysian Grand Prix Weekend at Rapscallions

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night peoples!! As always we’re showing your favourite sports this weekend including the Malaysian Grand Prix. Come on down and be greeted by our friendly staff, enjoy some great food and sample our impressive selection of beer, spirits and wine!! We hope your enjoying the super weather, remember when your not enjoying the sports coverage, there is no better place to lounge in the sun than on the roof at raps!! Laters peeps!!

Malaysian Grand Prix Weekend at Rapscallions


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Rapscallions Cafe Bar has been created by Shenzhen people for Shenzhen people. Great food, great atmosphere, great service, your home away from home, your hang out with your friends. 138 Min Tian Road, CoCo Park, Futian, Shenzhen 福田区民田路138号购物公园北园

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