In Stores Now – This is China: An Expatriate’s Perspective

‘This is China’ is the story told through the eyes of two expatriates that recorded their start in China with an honest perception of the Chinese culture. By capturing their experiences in the moment, before becoming desensitized by the years of exposure, Ruth N. Stevenson and Natalia Segura have created a book that is both honest and real at its core.

One thing needs to be clearly stated, ‘This is China’ is not the next Lonely Planet. Ruth N. Stevenson: ‘If you are seeking a book that details tourist attractions and luxury accommodations there are others on the shelf from which to choose.’ ‘This is China’ reveals the side of China that many visitors are likely to encounter but might not always be prepared for. The book will take the reader on a journey past the various edible parts of a chicken, the language barrier and so many other cultural differences.

In the book, Stevenson shares chapters from her personal diary that she kept during her first years in China. The stories taken from her diary cover everything from the everyday struggles like doing laundry without knowing to operate the Chinese washing machine to the many run ins with curious locals intruding her personal space. The moments shared are often very personal and recognizable and are a great asset for expatriates and tourists new to China. All moments are visualized through the photography of Natalia Segura.

‘This is China’ is a book that explains the part of the Chinese culture that many will recognize and have dealt with upon coming to China. A land so beautiful and interesting yet so culturally different. This book will help to better understand the Chinese people as well as their rich culture and will give better insights in why the Chinese do the things they do.

To buy This is China: An Expatriate’s Perspective click on one of the following links: Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Westbow Press


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