Thousands Mourn as Chinese Buddhist Master Benhuan Passed Away

Thousands Mourn as Chinese Buddhist Master Benhuan Passed AwayA memorial service for well known Chinese Buddhist Master Benhuan, who passed away yesterday morning at Shenzhen Hongfa Temple at the age of 106. The service will be at 9 am Thursday at the temple where Benhuan practiced Buddhism. The temple is locates at Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden in Luohu and will open from 3 pm until 6 pm tomorrow so the public can pay their respects to the Buddhist master.

Yesterday almost 100,000 followers flocked to the temple to pay their respects to Benhuan, several followers said that they waited for more than an hour before they were able to enter the temple just to pay their respect to Benhuan which they said taught them the importance of love and caring. Some say the Benhuan was the most brilliant, kind and generous monk they have seen which is rare in today’s society.

Benhuan was born in 1907 in the Hubei Province, he is regarded as an eminent Buddhist in China and overseas. He was a philanthropist and during his 80 years of practicing Buddhism he donated more than ten million yuan for building roads, hospitals and schools across the country. He became a monk in 1930 and was the 44th descendent of the Linji sectarian in the Chinese Buddhism. He spread Buddhism in more than 20 countries and regions and attracted around 20 million devoted followers.

Benhuan accomplishments includes meditation for 91 days without sleeping during his youth, he also locked himself inside a temple for seven years and spend a year traveling on a pilgrimage from Baoding to Wutai mountain kowtowing to bodhisattva every three steps and making 19 Buddhists scriptures of more than 200,000 characters using the blood from his fingers and tongue. Benhuan was also known for having a photographic memory, recognizing visitors who saw him five years ago considering that thousands of followers visit him every day to ask his blessings.

Benhuan became an abbot in several reputed temples in the Guangdong Province before he became the abbot of Shenzhen’s Hongfa Temple which he founded in 1985 and became its abbot in 1992. The Hongfa Temple became Shenzhen’s most significant Buddhist Temple. In 2010, he was also elected as honorary president of the Buddhist Association of China.

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