Traffic Police to Tighten Patrols and Road Checks in Preparation for Tomb Sweeping Day

Traffic Police to Tighten Patrols and Road Checks in Preparation for Tomb Sweeping DayShenzhen traffic police will start tightening patrols and roads checks on the roads leading to the city’s major cemeteries and parks to reduce the chances of violations and ensure safety during Tomb sweeping Day. Violations will include overloading, speeding, illegal parking, fatigue and drunken driving.

Traffic police will be also banning private cars from entering Dawang Village since they must turn left from Dawang Bridge during rush hours. Traffic police will be installing temporary traffic lights at the Dawang Bridge to ensure that the traffic rules will be followed. Temporary police station will also be set up near tollgates on expressways to make sure any violations and accidents can be dealt with as quickly as possible. Patrols at checkpoints will also be tightened at nighttime.

Drivers bringing in vehicles heading for Chaozhou and Shantou cities are advised to use the eastern coastal expressway and Yanba expressway. Or they can take the Meiguan or Shuiguan expressways going to Jihe expressway before turning to Yuegan expressway so they can avoid any traffic congestions created around the tourists attractions at the city’s east. For North bound vehicles, driver can either take Qingping, Shenshan, Shuigan, Huiyan, Yuegan and Huihe expressways rather than taking the Beijing-Zhuhai expressway. West bound vehicles can take the Guangshen Guangyun, Guangzhao and Guangwu expressways.

Travelers can also expect a temperature change during the Qingming holidays, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius with the possibility of showers in parts of the city.

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