Ed Whieldon Brings the Latest Hype ‘CrossFit’ to Fusion Fitness

Are you tired of the same work out routines that you have been doing for years? Are you sick of spending hours in the gym to get in shape? CrossFit might be solution to your problem! CrossFit is the strength and conditioning program used by many police academies, military Special Forces and tons of professional athletes worldwide. CrossFit can now be practiced at Fusion Fitness! 

Certified CrossFit Trainer Ed Whieldon came to Fusion Fitness last week to introduce CrossFit to those who were interested. Ed: ‘CrossFit is based on functional movement. It prepares you for everyday challenges and will increase your all around health and FITNESS. CrossFit incorporates gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and cardiovascular training and combines it into the most effective workout routine performed at high intensity.

‘What I often see around me in gyms are people that are just focusing on bicep curls or chest exercises and I wonder what the benefits are from this.’ Whieldon explains. ‘How often do you use this gained strength in your everyday life? CrossFit does workouts that benefit you all the time. A squat is something you do at the very start of your day when you get out of bed for example. We put a bit more weight with it so it makes it harder to do and therefore trains your body to be stronger. Nothing in life is done in isolation; it’s about training your entire body. Everything that goes on CrossFit prepares you for life.’ Whieldon continues


CrossFit is about the unknown and the unknowable but don’t you miss out on a goal or target you may wonder? Ed: ’I played rugby for 25 years and thought I was the fittest man to every roam the face of the earth, until I started CrossFit. You have to leave your ego at the door or it will find you out. What I love about it is that it just makes you a much more rounded athlete. I can play rugby tomorrow and know I will be fine or I can go for 10 km run tomorrow and don’t have a problem. I now know that I can conquer any challenge lying ahead. It just really changed my life.’

Everyone can practice CrossFit. It doesn’t matter if you are an elderly individual with heart problems or an athlete one month away from having to deliver your greatest performance yet. CrossFit scales load and intensity; it doesn’t change programs. ‘A CrossFit workout can be as quick as 10 minutes or as intensive as 40 minutes but to get quick results 10 minutes off CrossFit is usually enough. Quick, intensive and all around. That’s just what it is all about.’ Whieldon continues.

CrossFit is not just a workout regime; it’s also a sport. Ed Whieldon is currently competing in the CrossFit games 2012. Whieldon: ‘Every CrossFit athlete in the world is entered into this online CrossFit open where once every seven days over a period of 5 weeks a workout is released without you having any idea of what this is. We have four days to complete this workout. After you complete the workout you put your score on the website and the top 40 of each region go through to a final. The top 3 of each regional will move onto the finals in Los Angeles. How am I doing? I surprised myself a bit actually, I’m 994th out of 68.000 in Europe so I’m quite pleased.’ Whieldon trains out of CrossFit 3d in Manchester, England under head coach Karl Steadman.

‘I travel to Shenzhen about five times a year and always come to Fusion Fitness to work out and teach CrossFit introduction classes. Fusion Fitness has several trainers that know all about CrossFit and the gym has all the equipment that is needed. It is just a great space to practice the sport of fitness! Whieldon Concludes.

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