White Horse Laboratories 2011 Quality Summary

White Horse Laboratories 2011 Quality SummaryAs a holiday-filled Q1 rolled to a close with, appropriately, the Qing Ming and Easter holidays, I thought it time to take a look back at the close of 2011 and then compare that with the Q1 2012 for trends in the industry.

2011 finished with an average 68% acceptance rate on physical condition of devices and 71% of tested lots with low-to-none electrical failure rates. These rates were heavily influenced by a large drop in overall acceptance rates starting around Week 42 that continued throughout the year with a brief surge the first two weeks following Thanksgiving. How much of that was caused the Senate hearings on counterfeit electronic components? Trends from the first quarter may help to shed some light on that answer in next week’s report.

Who were the hottest manufacturers in 2011? My apologies for the pun, as it may be appropriate for the most-oft counterfeited manufacturers as well as those manufacturers with the largest demand. Not surprisingly, with the devastating floods in Thailand and horrific situation in Japan earlier in the year, those manufacturers most affected by those catastrophes suffered from manufacturing interruptions and pushed shortage situations into the market.

Looking at a percentage of substandard lots over total lots received, the most frequently rejected manufacturers were:

1. Infineon

2. Texas Instruments

3. Xilinx

4. STMicroelectronics

5. Panasonic

6. International Rectifier

7. Toshiba

8. Vishay

9. Atmel

10. AVX

Stay tuned for Q1 2012 next week!

2011 Summary

Inspection: 68% Accept   Testing: 71% Pass

Rohm BD9776HFP-TR (Date Code 0708) -10% failure – No output voltage at active enable and internal short between input and output pins.

Rohm 2SB1132-R-T100-E2 (Date Code 1121)48% failure - High hFE, greater then the range of “R” classification.

Intel MG80C286-10/883 (Date Code 1028)100% failure - Short pins and bad protective diodes.

Rohm BD9776HFP-TR (Date Codes 0845, 0851, 0809, 0801, 0804) -16% failure - No output.

Micron PC28F128J3D75A (Date Code 0848) – 11% failure – Blank-check error.

Panasonic DS4E-M-DC24V (Lot Code 60913T) – 18% failure – One or more contacts not closing.

Sanyo 2SB1204-S-TL-E5 (Date Codes OKHY7183) – 7% failure – High Vce(sat) and high Hfe.

Rohm BD33KA5WFP (Date Code 0849, 0842) - 18% failure - Low output voltage (marginal quantities with high or no output).

Rohm BD9776HTP-TR (Date Code 0938) – 11% failure- High output (6%), no output (3%), and shorted pins (2%).

Xilinx XC4010E-4PC84I (Date Code 0841) – 5% failure – Cannot be configured through JTAG and PROM.

Omron G5LA-14-CF 9VDC (Lot Code  2641C) - 100% failure – Switch above 7.5Vdc rather than 6.75Vdc. Suspected be to remarked 12Vdc-rated device.

Rohm BD9776HTP-TR (Date Code 0839) – 21% failure – No output (19%) and internal shorts (2%).

Intel PC28F128J3D75A (Date Code 0848) – 19% failure – Blank-check error that can not be erased.

Toshiba 2SC5171 (Date Code 11E) – 97% failure – Low Bvceo at 10mA collector current with open base pin.

 ST Micro STM6719SV (Date Code 0918) – 25% failure – Reset pin remaining high below threshold range and remaining low above the threshold range.

California Microdevices G65SC22PI-3 (Date Code 0012) – 17% failure – Short pins and bad protection diodes.

Intersil ICM7170AIBG (Date Code 0133) – 8% failure – Bad protection diodes.

NEC/Tokin TEESVB21C156M8R (Date Code 2010-8-1) -10% failure – High DF and high ESR.

ST Micro STM6719SV (Date Code 0918) -13% failure – Reset pin remaining high below threshold range.

California Microdevices G65SC22PI-3 (Date Code 0012) – 16% failure – Short pins and bad protection diodes.

Samsung K9F1G08U0C-PIBO (Date Code 0119) – 7% failure – Invalid memory blocks.

Intersil ICM7170AIBG (Date Code 0113) – 15% failure – Bad protection diodes.

Xilinx XC73108-15PQG160I-7001 (Date Code 0909) – 33% failure – Open pins and bad protective diodes

Rohm BD12KA5WFP-E2 (Date Code 1017) -73% failure – No output (67%) and low output (6%).

Rohm BD9776HFP-TR (Date Code 0938) – 8% failure – No output (2%) and high output (6%).

Dallas DS1867C1-010 (Date Code 0037) – 34% failure – Bad protective diodes.

Rohm BD00KA5WFP (Date Code 0829) – 8% failure – High output voltage (5%), low output voltage (2.5%), and no output (0.5%).

Panasonic AQS225R2S (Date Codes 0815, 0104) – 100% failure – High I/O capacitance.

Rohm BD33KA5WFP (Date Code 0822) – 48% failure – No output (47%) and low output (1%)

Rubycon 16ZLH470M8X11.5 (Date Code 0105) – 100% failure – High DF.

Xilinx  XC73108-15PQG16I (Date Code 0909) – 38% failure – Open pins and bad protective diodes.

Intel PC28F128J3D75A (Date Code 0848) -19% failure – Blank-check error that cannot be erased.

National Semiconductor  DP8311N (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 7% failure – One or more outputs not switching and low output levels.

Intel PC28F128J3D75A (Date Code 0848) – 44% failure – Blank-check error that cannot be erased.

AVX 18126D107KAT (Date Code 0847) – 100% failure – Low capacitance.

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