Dapeng Fortress Tour Highlights with Marco Loglio

Dapeng Fortress Tour Highlights with Marco LoglioFrom Sunday Holiday Hotel (Youth camp) to Dapeng Fortress ( 4 hours easy path)

Walking out from the hotel you should take the beach on your left (facing the sea).

You will walk on a dirty beach coast where several buildings have been abandoned in the past years.

You also will be requested to climb some broken wall that once was delimitating the different properties. Always following the beach, after 2 km you will find that your road is blocked by military aerospace control center. If the level of the sea is low, you can try to walk in the shallow water to reach after 100 meters the other beach.

If impossible, you should walk to the main road behind the building and follow this road for few hundred meters until the entrance of the Golden Inlet Holiday Village, a kind of luxury hotel with villas for rent ( 600/1500 rmb for night). The entrance in the hotel is free. From the lobby you can reach again the beach and continue along it on the left.

Dapeng Fortress Tour Highlights with Marco LoglioYou will find that this area is much more vivid then the before one. A lot of sport activities are based in here making a cluster for the sea sports.

You will find for example Aloha surfing Club (rent wind surf for 1 hour 120 rmb). Delta sailing center that rent sailing boat and catamarans for 200 rmb hour, a scuba diving center, pedalo and kayak.

Moreover there are 2 very nice sea food restaurants, with sea view and cheap price.

For who is tired of sea food, Sonia from Aloha can cook for you a good pizza and excellent lasagna.

But the most interesting part of this trail is the old Dapeng fortress ( Dapeng Suo Chen) the most famous old monument in the whole Shenzhen territory.

You will access to the fortress from the beach walking beside the last sea food restaurant and crossing a pedestrian bridge over a river.

Dapeng Fortress Tour Highlights with Marco LoglioThe Fortress is accessible by a stone paved road and the entrance ticket cost 20 rmb person.

You will enter from the south gate that is aged over 600 years having being constructed under the Ming Dynasty. The fortress was the most important defensive point of the coastal area in the South China Sea for an area that covers the whole east of Shenzhen and Hong Kong territory. Around the fortress there is a wall long more the 1200 meters, while outside there was a moat 3 meters deep and 5 meters large (now disappear).

In the small road inside the walled city there are several outstanding houses, the most interesting one is the House of the family Lai that gave 5 generals in 3 generations to the Chinese empire. Front of the House there is the Museum of the fortress with relicts and potteries that are dated more then 7000 years ago. In other rooms of the museum some cannons of Portuguese facture, objects of daily life of the family Lai, maps and historical summaries of the area.

Here was the center of the activity to counter faith the tentative of invasion of China by the Portuguese, the Japanese and the British.

Another scenic spot is the east gate where is located an ancient drum and other historical stuffs. From the east gate there is also a great view of the roofs of the fortress.

Many other house and temple could be mentioned in this village that also boast a folklore museum in which can be observed different aspect of the daily life of the local people living in this area .

Few but in a growing number, are the shops in which you will find local products like embroidery, wine and tea, and others souvenirs. At the end of your visit that will take you a couple of hours.


You continue your itinerary walking out of the East gate of the fortress for about 300 meters in the direction of the Dongshan SI. And on your left you will find a small road that lead in direction of a red brick gate. This place in known as: The dragon well. It has a history of 170 years.

According to the annual of the Qing Dinasty the general Liu Qilong was saved from a malignant infection from the water of this well that from that ancient time is considered to be sacred.

From the well we can continue to walk in direction of the temple that in built on the place of the oldest temple in the whole Shenzhen territory as it was created more than 600 years ago (1394 AD).

This ancient temple is now disappearing and a new pavilion is going to be created to enlarge the worshipping area. The ancient temple was divided into 4 parts with interesting sculptures and decorations are now completely destroyed.

At both sides of the new buildings there are 2 stone paved paths that area climbing a hill behind the temple to a huge rock with a good view on the Dapeng Bay.

The visit of the temple and climbing can take less than one hour.

At the exit of the temple turn first to the left and then follow the paved road back to Dapeng City.

After 1 km you will find the same bridge you crossed before that will bring you back to the beach where are located a lot of nice guest house with friendly stuff

Recommended is Share Mood guest House (100 rmb room/night) a very friendly and informal place with good decoration and free internet service ( tel …13480863236 Lisa)

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It is while conducting hiking and cycling groups in these areas for nearly 10 years that Marco decided to compile and share his knowledge in a single volume: “Shenzhen Hikes.”

Marco is an well-known Italian author and has published articles in various Chinese newspapers, including Shenzhen Daily.

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