deVere Group the World Largest Independent Financial Consultancy Service

deVere Group the World Largest Independent Financial Consultancy ServiceOk, so let’s park silver for a moment.

It became apparent during casual conversation over sampling a couple of the Atmosphere’s  new Real Ales, and the effects of injuries of players playing full contact rugby, amongst other sports, and how having lack of decent medical insurance over here in China can be something of a problem for people.  Especially if you get ‘smashed’ playing sport.

The other interesting thing that came out of the conversation was the surprise that we can provide such cover, along with a whole range of other provision for a person’s financial well-being.

So I was instructed to be as blunt as I can be in highlighting what I actually do for people from a wealth planning perspective.

Ok, so to position the deVere Group then www.devere-group.com

We are the world’s largest INDEPENDENT financial consultancy servicing over 65,000 clients globally.  The company was borne out of recognizing that, back in the 80’s, people were leaving the UK to go and earn a living overseas.  By way of encouraging people to save whilst they were working overseas recognizing they would most likely return back to the UK for retirement (and therefore spend their savings there), the UK government at the time gave tax breaks on anyone putting money away for the future.

Fast forward to now and whilst we do still service the British of course, that has now been extended to the point where most nationalities benefit from saving virtually tax free whilst they are working outside of their domicile and natural country of residence.

As a direct result of that, we now have clients in (at last published count) 108 countries. Those clients need to be serviced.

The services that we provide cover the full range of financial services that any of our clients could possibly want, which include:

  • Protection (Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Private Medical Insurance)
  • Savings and Investments
  • Children’s Education School Fee Planning
  • Retirement (NOT Pension) Planning
  • QROPS/EURBS/US Planning
  • Mortgages
  • Online Trading
  • FX Currency Exchange Services
  • Fund Platform for those that want to manage their own investments

I will cover off each of the points under separate article to go into a bit more depth rather than throw everything at you all at once.

But the best thing to do is obviously speak to me directly!  159 1403 2737

deVere Group the World Largest Independent Financial Consultancy Service

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Mike Briggs is a Partner and Senior Financial Consultant with the world’s largest independent financial consultancy, the deVere Group. He has a unique combination of attributes ranging from the broader aspect of general portfolio and asset management to trading the financial markets having worked as Proprietary Trader in the City of London, specialising in Technical Analysis of the Forex and Commodity Markets.

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