Gasoline Stations Sells Discounted Fuel to Increase Sales

Gasoline Stations Sells Discounted Fuel to Increase SalesIn hopes to attract customers several gas stations in Longgang and Bao’an districts are selling gasoline in a much lower price. Private gas stations are also offering discounts ranging from 0.2 yuan to 0.5 yuan a liter to increase their sales.

In the beginning of the month gas stations decided to lower their prices because of bad business, even selling gasoline 0.47 yuan less per liter that the highest price of 8.37 yuan per liter in the country. Gasoline station said that the only get 50 customers day.

A gas station outside Meilin Checkpoint in Bao’an District has the cheapest gasoline in the city with its No. 93 gasoline at 7.92 yuan per liter and its No. 97 gasoline at 8.54 yuan per liter. The station’s low prices attract customers who even drive a long way just to refuel. Some gas stations do not offer discounts but give away free items such as drinks and tissues to its customers. Several State owned gas stations offer discounts of around 0.2 yuan a liter.

Experts also said that stations in the Longgang and Bao’an districts find it easier to offer discounts because of their low operation costs. State owned stations in Luohu, Nanshan and Futian districts offers small discounts to taxis and big customers but need to wait for orders to lower its prices for private drivers. Experts are also warning drivers to be careful of buying cheap gasoline because it might be unqualified fuel.

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