Chonghua Hot Spring Area by Bike with Rafting in the Summer Time

Chonghua Hot Spring Area by Bike with Rafting in the Summer TimeFrom Shenzhen take the highway G4 in direction Guangzhou, then you have 3 alternatives about where to start your bike trip.

From Renhe : in this case you will do the longest trip of about 100 km (one way ) .There is an exit from the highway G 45 that connect Guangzhou city with the Bayun Airport. Renhe exit is just before the airport exit, then you drive in of direction of the river where you will find the starting of the green way 2.

There are 3 hours of riding between Renhe and the second starting point in Taiping, so if you want start from there, instead to take the inner ring of the Guangzhou city , you should take the second ring highway following the direction G4 to Shaoguan . Then take the Taipig exit and proceed about 1 km in direction of Taiping Town . The green way start at the bridge on the river.

Our advise is to start from here . There is a nice restaurant on the bank of the river with good farmer food I Cantonese style ( Li Ming Zhu NongZhaung tel 13502401344 ).

The distance from Shenzhen is about 160 km or 2 and half hours

Chonghua Hot Spring Area by Bike with Rafting in the Summer TimeHere you can leave your car and start to pedal along the river.The first 10 km are all along the bank until you will find the intersection with the G105 national road. Continue in direction north for about 300 meters and turn left on a small bridge that take to a Bicycle rent station. For who has no bike this can also be the starting point. The bike can be rented in this place and left in Another currier station so you don’t have to worry about take back the bike here. The bike rental fee is 15 RMB for hour for a good MTB.

You will follow the river for about 20 km before to arrive to Chonghua City that will be pleasantly crossed on a bike road that follow the park beside the river. There are several scenic spots along the city park good for pictures. After Chonghua town the road became a bit boring as the traffic of cars on the green road is disturbing the ride. The only notable things in these 20 km to reach Chonghua hot spring town is a 9 storey pagoda that is towering beside the river and that is possible to visit.

Always following the river you will finally arrive to Chonghua hot spring area :the arrival point of the first day of our trip. There are several hotels along the green way with different prices but almost all featuring hot springs in their park. Here the hot spring is natural and come out from the ground with a temperature of 71 degrees C. This area is famous for the hot springs from centuries and has been visited by Chinese famous persons and even by Richard Nixon during his first visit to China.

Chonghua Hot Spring Area by Bike with Rafting in the Summer TimeIn the town, that is very pleasant holiday place, there are also several restaurants. The best restaurants have the river view and the one I prefer is inside the famous Chonghua hot spring Hotel. Even is a luxurious restaurant the prices are very reasonable and the food is really excellent.

In the night, of course , you can enjoy the hot spring in your hotel and have a relax after your 50 km long riding.

The second day you can start your bike trip from the Hot spring Hotel, the green road pass trough the luscious  garden  surrounding the buildings of the hotel, and then continue after passing a gate along the river in a fantastic not paved road with scenic view of the green river and bamboo forest. The road continues for about 10 km passing by a small village and arriving at a bike rental station. Here is better you ask for the right road as the green way 2 is not so clearly indicated ( it’s a red small path that start 100 meter before the rental station). Here is another great part of our trip with impressive scenery of the valley that became more and more a mountain area. We will follow the river along the G105 for a while to arrive to the feet of the lake that is also our final point.

Chonghua Hot Spring Area by Bike with Rafting in the Summer TimeThis lake is a man mad reservoir and features a mountain park with peaks over 1500 meters on the sea level. There are several islands inside this lake and a hotel and restaurant there.

Then you should take your bike back to Chonghua hot spring town and then find a transportation back to your staring point. The total ride of the second day is about 50 kms.

In the summer time this trip could be to difficult because the hot temperature so that the best period is the autumn or winter time.

During the summer could be nice just base in Chonghua hot spring town, rent a bike there for one day and go up the stream from there. The second day could be dedicated to the hot sprig water park combined with a river rafting experience. The discounted price for these 2 tickets together is 178 RMB and can be bought at the water park open from 9 am to 1 am everyday. The rafting is scheduled In the afternoon around 2 pm with transportation organized by the water park

The distance between the water park and the rafting area is around 10 km and take 20 minutes by bus. If you only want to do the rafting the price is 98 rmb for person.

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It is while conducting hiking and cycling groups in these areas for nearly 10 years that Marco decided to compile and share his knowledge in a single volume: “Shenzhen Hikes.”

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