White Horse Laboratories Counterfeit Detection Report and 2012 First Quarter Quality Report

White Horse Laboratories Counterfeit Detection Report and 2012 First Quarter Quality ReportFirst Quarter 2012 Summary

In our 2011 Summary, we discussed a decrease in physical acceptance rate and wondered whether that might be a reflection of growing buyer caution with the heightened awareness of counterfeit electronics components, or whether it is a direct reflection of the quality of the devices themselves.

In the first quarter of 2012, we saw an average lot acceptance rate of 63% compared to 68% in 2011 and 69% in 2009. Is this 5% drop in the first quarter a realistic reflection of the quality of the devices inspected? We have enhanced our database, including tracking the percentage of devices by condition classification in addition to other key statistics.

We will also be focussing our Weekly Poll Questions towards industry perception regarding inspection related issues, starting with our first poll of 2012.

What is your opinion about the effects of increase counterfeit awareness and legislation? Post your vote on this week’s poll at  http://conta.cc/IaQoNd.

We’ll post the results here, in our monthly newsletter, on our website, and our new Twitter page, @whitehorselabs.

Q1 2012 Summary

Inspection: 63% Accept     Test: 77% Pass

2012 First Quarter Quality Report Summary

Substandard Part Listing

Fuantronics FAEE6S-3301 (Date Code 1145) – 32% failure – Low output (27%) and high output (4.5%).

Semikron SKM400GAL125D (Date Code 152) - 67% failure – high ICES.

Rohm BA05CC0FP-E2 (mulitple lots, Date Codes 938, 120, 1043, 1125) – 20% failure - No ouput and high ouput.

Rohm BD9776HFP-TR (mulitple lots, Date Code 805, 321, 938) - 10% failure – No output and high output.

Freescale  MC68332ACFC25 (Date Code 0532) – 16% failure – open pins and bad protective diodes.

STMicroelectronics UPSD3233BV- 24T6 (Date Code 413) – 9% failure -ID error.

Rohm BD00KA5WFP-E2 (Lot Code 0808) – 27% failure - no output.

Infineon BTS50085-1TMA (mulitple lots, Date Codes 0846 and 0931) – 40% failure – Low output.

Freescale MC68HC705B16CFN (Date Code 119) – 100% failure – Blank check error.

Rohm BD00KA5WFP-E2 (Date Code not marked or labeled) - 45% failure – High, Low and no output.

NXP BBY42 (multiple lots, Date Codes not marked or labeled) – 10.8% failure – High Ir.

Xilinx XC6VLX130T-2FFG1156C (Date code 0925) – 33.33% failure – can’t be   programmed.

Micro Networks MD3802 (Date Code 0028) - 77.78% failure – flat signal.

Supertex HV9123 (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 22% failure – non- functional output pin.

Texas Instruments BQ4017MC-70 (Date Code 1122) – 52% failure – program and verify error.

Intersil X1286A8I (Date Code 0228) – 100% failure – no ouput.

Sanyo ECH8662-TL (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 100% failure – high Vgs (off).

Xilinx XC6VLX130T-2FFG1156C (Date Code 0925) – 33.33% failure – program error.

Intel JA80386EXTC33 (mulitple lots, Date Code 008) – 25.6% failure – bad protective diode.

Sanyo LB1838M-TRM-E (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 34% failure – no switching at either output.

Fairchild Semiconductor FAN21SV04EMPX (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 94.47% failure – high reference voltage.

Kemet T495D107M010ATE050 (Date Code not marked or labeled) - 98% failure – high ESR.

Xilinx XC5VSX95T-1FF1136C (Date Codes 0010, 0371, and 009) – 7.37% failure – program error.

Semikron SKM100GAR123D (multiple lots, Date Code 1131) – 100% failure – bad diode.

Ark SS8550/STS-8550D2LF-H (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 23.48% failure – low collector  current.

Linfinity SG2731J (Date Code 143) – 100% failure – no output.

Infineon SDB20S30 (Date Code 33) – 5.6% failure – high Vf.

Ark SS8550 (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 11.28% failure – low Hfe.

Fairchild FAN21SV04EMPX (Date Code PAEAA) – 94.47% failure – no output

Atmel T6816-TIQY (Date Code 544) – 6.01% failure – short pins and bad protecive diode.

Texas Instruments DCP010505DBP-U (Date Code 007) – 6.82% failure – low output.

Intel TNPLD610-25 (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 100% failure – blank check error.

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