White Horse Laboratories April 2012 Summary and Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories April 2012 Summary and Counterfeit Detection ReportFollowing from our discussion in our last two reports, we saw a further average drop to 62.5% in April from 63% in Q1 and 68% in 2011. While there are certainly many factors that are behind the statistic, we are continuing last week’s poll on what YOU think is behind the numbers.

We will also be focussing our Weekly Poll Questions throughout 2012 towards industry perception regarding inspection related issues. What is your opinion about the effects of increase counterfeit awareness and legislation? Post your vote on this week’s poll at http://conta.cc/IaQoNd.

We’ll post the results here, in our monthly newsletter, on our website, and our new Twitter page, @whitehorselabs.

Inspection: 62.5% Accept   Testing: 61.5% Pass

April 2012 Summary Quality Report Substandard Part Listing

Sharp FAEE6S-3301 (Date Code A3) – 27.5% failure – High Vce.

AMD AM45DL3208GT-7 (Date Code 0428) - 10.16% failure – bad protective diode.

Linfinity SG2731J (Date Code 0422) – 17.5% failure - distorted or no switching.

OKI BD9776HFP-TR (Date Code not marked or labelled) - 6.59% failure – open, short and bent pins, bad protective diode.

NEC  UPD 70320L-8V25 (Date Code 0438) – 31.80% failure – deformed leads

Analog ADP3170JRUZ (Date Code 0021) – 5.45% failure – High output.

Intel P80C31BH1 (Date Code 0533) – 30.26% failure - short pins and bad protective diodes.

Freescale MC33879EK  (Date Code 0742) - 6% failure – one or more output inconsistent with the applied input.

Infineon IPP037N06L3G (Date Codes 0820 and 0848) – 100% failure – High Vgs and Rds.

Toshiba TOTX111 (Date Code not marked or labeled) - 5.33% failure – No light on the led.

Infineon IPP80P03P4L-04 (Date Code not marked or labeled) - 100% failure – High Rds.

Zilog Z88C0020VSC (Date Code 9841) – 29.14% failure – short pins and bad protective diode.

Toshiba TLP281-1 (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 10.42% failure – low current transfer ratio.

NXP TDA8591J (Date Codes 1020, 1011, and 1013 ) – 100% failure – no ouput response.

Xilinx XC4005XL-2PQ100C (Date Code 0541) – 7.23% failure - Vcc Short.

Linear LTC3414EFE#PBF (Date Codes 0045 and 0119) – 100% failure – no output load.

Axis ETRAX100LX (mulitple lots, Date Codes not marked or labeled) – 40% failure – bad protective diode.

Intel JA80386EXTC33 (Date Code 0008) – 97.69% failure – short pins and bad protective diode.

Xilinx XC5VSX95T-1FF1136C (Date Codes 1037 and 1009) – 20% failure – programm error.

Jiangsu Cel BAT0005 (Date Code not marked or labeled) - 100% failure – cannot be charged.

Ramtron FM25L256-G (Date Code 0945) – 64% failure – program error.

National Semiconductor LMX2353TMX (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 5.14% failure – bad protective diode and bent pins.

Microsemi LX1973AIDU (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 51% failure – output current outside the specified range.

Allegro UCN5895EP (Date Codes 0545 and 0550) – 9% failure – unresponsive output.

Samsung K9WBG08U1M-PIBO (Date Code 0915) – 11.11% failure - device can not be accessed.

Texas Instruments TLC072CDGN (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 100% failure – 2 pieces failed of no output, 1 failed of low output, and 1 failed of distortion  output.

ETAL P7614-0605-6R8M (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 13.33% failure – low inductance.

Maxim MAX472EPA+ (Date Code 0846) – 28.33% failure – high output voltage.

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