Dapeng Hiking Tour: Lu Ju Resort to Yao Mei Kong

Dapeng Hiking Tour: Lu Ju Resort to Yao Mei Kong  You will take the way down from the Ecological resort in direction Yao Mei Kong.

The road continues unpaved after the police stall to reach after few hundred meters a nice creek bordered by a path. This creek is very picturesque and worthy of some picture, while the path that is going up the stream is not in good condition. So after few hundred meters better come back and continue on the main road.

You will pass beside a beautiful but private beach and finally you will reach the paved road that stroll all along the coast.

The road is flat and good also for bicycle lovers, the distance to cover to Yao Mei Kong is about 4 km and will take you one hour.

Before to enter in the town you will find on your left a Scuba diving center that can give you a training course and a dive experience for about 300 rmb ( 1 hour) tel 0755 82389912. Beside the Scuba world Club there is the harbor for the boat to the Da Jiao Dao Island. This Island that is located in the territory of Huizhou is very beautiful and worthy to be visited. It boasts a free beach and a resort area (10 rmb for person) with restaurant and barbeque. Rooms and tends are also available. The trip takes half a day and the cost is 380 rmb for boast (6 persons) A. /R.

If you are a bicycle or Tandem lover few meter in front the scuba center, there are several bike rentals to wander around the cost. The price for one day is 15/ 20 rmb (bird of freedom rentals 13713961710).

In the middle of the village there is a large river crossed by 2 bridges, a new one for the cars and another made by enormous blocks of granite that only can be used by the pedestrian. Keep on the right side of the river facing the mountain. After 100 meters you will find a temple in a vivid red color and with an unique architecture. Front to this temple start a stoned paved path that enters in a green cultivated area.

The beautifully made path run in the middle of the fields until it turn up hill on the left to reach after 30 minutes a small temple with good view on the cost and the Qinian Mountain . For whom like hike longer there is a second temple almost on the top of the hill with great view (other 30 minutes walking).

Coming down by the same road, once arrived to the river cross it and walk on the other side up hill for one hundred meters. You will find a scenic area with bamboo boat, one restaurant and a fantastic natural pool with fresh and clear water arriving with a waterfall into the small lake.

It’s great to take a bath in this always fresh water.

Coming back to the village of Yao Mei Kang you will find plenty of guest houses and restaurants.

The guest house and small hotels are priced around 150/200 rmb night while there is some more luxury guest house with higher price.

Yao Mei Kong also has a beach for swim and sun tanning. The entrance ticket to the beach is 10 rmb. Here you will find some shops to buy beverages and beach wares.

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It is while conducting hiking and cycling groups in these areas for nearly 10 years that Marco decided to compile and share his knowledge in a single volume: “Shenzhen Hikes.”

Marco is an well-known Italian author and has published articles in various Chinese newspapers, including Shenzhen Daily.

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