The 8th ICIF to Feature Various Cultural Products and Innovative Technologies

The 8th ICIF to Feature Various Cultural Products and Innovative TechnologiesThe 8th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center and is expected to have more 15,000 overseas buyers from foreign countries and regions. Organizers said that the 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions on the mainland as well as Macau Hong Kong and Taiwan have already pledged to send delegates to this year’s fair.

This year’s fair will have a total of 1928 exhibitors that will showcase their various cultural products and innovative technologies. The fair will be running from Friday to Monday and promotes several innovative combinations of culture and technology. The fair focuses on industries that specialize in green technologies, low carbon lifestyles and emerging technologies and industries. A new industrial development will also be promoted that focuses on the culture, innovation, technology, tourism and finance.

The exhibition center will have eight separate halls that will feature creative life, TV and film animation and games, cultural industry products, cultural heritage, crafts, painting and publications. Also the Shenzhen Poly Theater will be used as a sub venue for performing arts. The center’s press and publication hall have been expanded to 15,000 square meters more than half of the space allotted last year.

The fair will also have a series of reading activities and books fair, while Hall 2 and 6 have been combined and transformed into a Creative Design and Living Hall that will display new designs, trends and fashion lifestyles. This year the intangible cultural heritage exhibition will have an entire hall that will feature folk arts, products and techniques selected from 20 provinces and autonomous regions making it a hub for the exchange and export of traditional folk art and culture.

Visitors to this year’s fair will also have 30 performances, dramas, shows and concerts in theaters in more than 40 sub venues located around the fair.

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