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Training with Alex MaAlex Ma – True Determination

Getting inspired and motivated to exercise, develop, get better and stay healthy and fit!

During the spring break of early 2012 Alex Ma returned to SZ and joined the JGF family and started training with John Graham during the holidays. Please click the link below to learn more about Alex, aka Big Al and his condition and all he is doing all over the world.


Alex now lives in Sydney Australia but was a Shekou boy before his move to Australia. He is well know in the community here and has many friends from QSI who still live here.

During our training time Alex was nothing less than an outstanding trainee and athlete in the gym with an amazing level of commitment and dedication. Alex has a lot of positive energy and passion for fitness and exercise. Coming into the gym he was always excited to come in and train.

Alex truly enjoys training and understands how to push himself hard as well as how to make his gut-wrenching and challenging workouts also fun and enjoyable. During our sessions Alex always put in that extra effort to show his dedication, performing more reps than he was expected to for example.

Alex has a tough, never-give-in attitude. When he would fail or come short of what he wanted to achieve he would just get back up and attack it again. He never once complained about what is expected of him during training and likes to train through pain and soreness. I have to say that I’m very impressed with Alex and how he is so deeply motivated and dedicated to fitness and changing his life through fitness!

A typical training routine with Alex would include:
Warm up on exercise bike, then a 
Weight machine circuit
 moving on to Rugby specific fitness, Sprint relays
, Med ball throws and catches
, Tackle bag rounds, 
Prowler pushes, 
, Battle rope
 rounds, Farmers walk with KB
Kettlebells, deadlifts and much more.

Alex Ma Interview:

John Graham: So we’re here with Big Al, and Al is going to tell us a little about his training routine. Al tell us about your training routine and tell us why you train.

Alex Ma: Thank you for being on this video. I train Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I even train Wednesday with the Seagals.

John Graham: 4 days a week!

Alex Ma: Yeah. Tuesday and Thursday I do swimming for an hour.

John Graham: So why do you train? Give us a reason. Why do you have such a full schedule when it comes to training?

Alex Ma: I do it with a passion. For being fit, to be fit and just to see how hard I can go. John Graham: How hard you can push yourself. Alex Ma: Yeah, to see how hard I can go.

John Graham: I’ve trained Al now for three weeks.

Alex Ma: Yeah.

John Graham: And he’s done routines…I’ve put him through routines that I can honestly say are a lot harder than some of the people that I’ve trained and that I train here in Shenzhen. Some very hard routines! He also plays rugby league.

Alex Ma: Yeah I play rugby league. I play for the disability league I’m so happy I can play for them.

John Graham: So a lot of the workouts that we do involve the rugby style fitness where he’s tackling, where he’s receiving a ball. He’s sprinting, he’s running. All very very hard routines.

Alex, How do you stay motivated? I very much want to send this message out to everyone about how do you stay motivated.

John Graham: Give the audience some tips about how you stay motivated.

Alex Ma: It’s just a lifestyle. And there’s my heroes and when I see them train I really want to do that.

John Graham: You have your mentors right?

Alex Ma: Yes I have my mentors. I see them doing being so fit and that can really help. I think I can be like that. They’re amazing.

John Graham: That’s incredible. So to have a healthy life. I mean that’s motivation in that. To be active. To be healthy. And to have your mentors. That’s a very good tip. To have someone that you can follow and look up to.

Alex Ma: And to be disciplined.

John Graham: Be disciplined. Right. He has a lot of energy. Big Al right here. A lot of energy! There’s so much you could do to share with people out there about fitness and about health. I’m very excited for when you do come back. And I’m going to be visiting Al in Sydney. Al, Thanks so much for coming. Thank you for your message to the people in Shenzhen. See you soon.

Alex Ma: See you people from Shenzhen. See ya.

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