Escape China for a While and Visit Frankie’s Bar and Grill

Escape China for a While and Visit Frankies Bar and GrillGuys and gals the bar we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Every now and then we just have to escape the hustle and bustle of Shenzhen. We have to escape the shouting and screaming, the pushing the shoving and the plain at times rudeness of mainland China. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life in Shenzhen and wouldn’t change it for anything, but sometimes we need a taste of back home. You know, the cold beer, great food served in minutes not hours and the friendly barmaid who makes you feel a million dollars. Well folks, Frank Caruso and his partners have opened the best bar in Shenzhen.

How did I decide it was best. Well by Frank’s own admission it isn’t the most prime location but it is still close enough to the center of Futian  to be easily accessible and after that Frankies has the best bar staff, who are all speak perfect English and offer great conversation after a hard days work and are friendly as can be. Frankies also has great American bar food served in baskets cooked by American chef Adam including a huge burger with chef’s own recipe onion rings. Frankies has the best American bourbon and has the coldest beer in town served from custom made kegarators and Frankies has the best bar manager since Tom Cruise’s mate in Cocktail, Nate who is knowledgeable about his drinks and eager to please even the most hardened beer drinker.

Check out Frankies bar and grill and soon to be cigar lounge(in a separate room so don’t worry if you don’t like cigars) on Rong Hua Road.

Call Nate for directions on 13028880850 or check out www.frankies-bar.com

4 Comments for “Escape China for a While and Visit Frankie’s Bar and Grill”

  1. A great place for a cold beer and a good burger.

  2. Xpats bar & lounge wishes Frankies good luck with their bar.

    Best wishes to Frank, Nate, Adam and Jordon. Good competitors and the place for a late night “knock off” drink for me. Cheers

  3. Arthur N.Digwell

    Now, let me see if I’ve got this right:
    It’s not the USA
    Warm beer
    Bad service
    It’s not the USA

    And you love your life in Shenzhen…..why? Oh, I think I know why.

    By the way, the guy’s name is Bryan Brown. But he’s not from the USA, right?

  4. Can you send you address in English and Chinese please.

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