High Intensity Cardio at Home

High Intensity Cardio at HomeNot many people have time to go to the gym every day. Doing progressive resistance training or weight training at a gym such as Fusion Fitness Gym(www.fusionfitnesssz.com) is the best way to get stronger and improve your fitness on every level but getting daily cardio is important too. Cardio by definition is working your cardiovascular system which in the most basic of terms means exercising your heart and elevating your heart rate.

Most people know how to check their heart rate or their pulse but for those who don’t you place two fingers on your wrist just under the the part of the palm of your hand that is under your index and middle fingers or better is on your neck just under the curve in your jaw.

First measure your resting heart rate by checking your pulse first thing in the morning after waking up then you should have a rough idea of how fast your heart beats when your body is at rest. When you do cardio exercise you heart rate should go up. Cardio exercise can be done at low, medium or high intensity. Naturally the higher the intensity of your cardio exercise the shorter your workout needs to be. When doing high intensity cardio you can expect your heart rate to go up considerably and should expect to be short of breath and have trouble saying full sentences with more than 5 words in length. That’s how you know you’re doing your cardio at high intensity and not medium or low intensity.

High intensity cardio exercise is usually done for intervals that means you have an exercise interval of about 30seconds to a minute and a rest interval of about 30seconds to a minute.

So how do you raise your heart rate significantly in only 30 seconds? The simple answer is move you body quickly and explosively using an explosive leg exercise, full body exercise or combining an explosive leg exercise with a explosive upperbody exercise.

So here’s what you do on non-training days when you don’t go to the gym to get your cardio in a short time. All you want to do is raise your heart rate, elevate your breathing. Try this simple example of a high intensity cardio workout.

Run up one flight of stairs as fast as you can and check your heart rate or your pulse. If your heart rate is much higher and you’re short of breath then holding your fingers on your pulse count slowly until your breathing slows down and remember how many seconds it took. If your heart rate isn’t elevated sufficiently from running up one flight of stairs then do another flight of stairs. Focus on running up the stairs fast if you run up stairs fast that should raise your heart rate in a very short time. Make sure you’re going fast and not slow and doing so many steps(reps) that your legs get sore and becomes a muscle building workout.

Take a few steps back from the bottom of the flight of stairs get a running start and skip steps and get to the top of the flight before you’ve lost the momentum you got from your running start. If you lose the momentum half way up a flight of stairs then skipping stairs will make your legs sore quick if you do lose momentum then go back down and try again. All you want to do is raise the heart rate not make your muscles sore. Now you should know how many stairs or flights of stairs it takes for you to raise your heart rate and breathing to make one exercise interval and you should know how many seconds you should give yourself to rest and allow your heart rate and breathing to come back down and make one rest interval. In one workout do 3 to 10 rounds with one exercise interval and one rest interval.

Do your primary high intensity workout first thing in the morning, then possibly a 2nd, 3rd and 4th high intensity cardio workout before lunch, before dinner and about 2 hours after dinner. One workout should take about 5-10 minutes that’s all you need.

As your heart gets stronger you can progress to more flights of stairs per exercise interval, or shorter rest intervals, or a higher total number of exercise intervals or all of the above to add progression to your workout.

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