China Releases 12th Five-Year Plan for Waste Recycling Technology

China Releases 12th Five-Year Plan for Waste Recycling TechnologyChina’s Ministry of Science and Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, and other five ministries and commissions jointly released “The 12th Five-Year Plan for Waste Recycling Technology (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Plan’).” The Plan identifies the major areas of waste recycling technology as well as discusses the current situation and future plans for development in these areas. Moreover, the Plan specifies the development goals and tasks in the identified major areas, and provides measures to achieve these goals.

Key information and details taken from the Plan can be found in the summary below.

Major areas and tasks Utilization of recycling resources The Plan calls on the development of technologies in comprehensive utilization, reproduction and recycling of scrap metal, waste electronic products, used electro-mechanical products, and recycled polymer.

Recycling of industrial solid waste The Plan highlights the development of technologies in the comprehensive utilization of fly ash, coal gangue and industrial by-product gypsum, scale dissolution of smelting waste residue, and conversion and gasification of industry-produced waste.

Energy regeneralization of waste and sludge Disposal and regeneralization of domestic waste in urban areas, construction waste, as well as industrial sludge and sewage sludge are heightened tasks in the Plan.

The Plan also emphasizes the development of technologies to control the whole process of waste recycling, theoretical research of waste cleaning and utilization, as well as innovation in these areas and cultivation of professionals.

Enforcement measures Strengthening leadership and coordination The Plan advises the establishment of a coordination team by the national technology ministries. The Plan also encourages all governments at the provincial level to include study of waste recycling into its plan for technology development.

Supporting development and innovation The government should take advantage of existing channels to support key areas of technological innovation relating to waste recycling. The combination of technology and financing should be enhanced to support high-tech enterprises specialized in waste recycling and to encourage these enterprises to enter into multi-level capital market financing. The certification system of innovated products using waste recycling technology should be improved. Relevant preferential policies should cover these products.

Role of enterprises in innovation A new market-oriented technology innovation system should be established where enterprises will play a key role and production, study and research will be combined. More policies should be made to encourage innovation, and to support innovation development of specialized enterprises in waste recycling.

Enhancing management and improving efficiency Third-party supervision mechanisms should be established for technology projects and spending to enhance management efficiency. Performance review mechanisms should be established to review the effectiveness of these projects, and to manage the projects, professionals and construction of premises.

Strengthening technological innovation The government should play a leading role in the establishment of technological innovation strategic alliances and service platforms in major areas of waste recycling. An advanced waste recycling technology index and technological standards index should be compiled for the promotion and industrial application of advanced technologies.

Boosting international cooperation and exchange It is necessary to include exchange of waste recycling technologies into bilateral and multilateral international cooperation to obtain more support from international technology cooperation plans.

Promoting popularization of waste cycling technology The Plan provides that waste recycling technology should be popularized to encourage every citizen to actively participate in waste recycling activities to achieve sustainable development.

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