White Horse Laboratories Week 21 Counterfeit Dectection Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 21 Counterfeit Dectection ReportWeek 21 finally saw a significant surge in both electrical performance and physical condition, jumping up to nearly 86% acceptance from physical examination and 74% high yield rates in electrical testing following Week 19′s low point of the year and modesty improvement in week 20.

Week 20 also introduced our new poll question, “Has the increase in buyer caution had a negative impact on sales and the market overall?”.

Post your vote on this week’s poll at http://conta.cc/Of90yi.

We’ll post the results here, in our monthly newsletter, on our website, and our new Twitter page, @whitehorselabs

Inspection: 85.7% Accept      Testing: 73.5% Pass

Week 21 Quality Report, 2012 Substandard Part Listing

Altera EP20K60EQC208-2XN (Date Code 1135) – 5.83% failure – Program error.

Freescale  MCZ33298EG (Date Code 1115) - 7.2% failure – Low input.

Intel JA80386EXTC33 (Date Code 618) - 20% failure – High reading current.

Freescale MC68030FE33C (Date Code A927) – 100% failure – Short pins.

Analog Devices AD581TH (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 38.33% failure – Low output.

STMicroelectronics LM394H (multiple date codes) – 64.62% failure – failed of Hfe or Icco.

Nichicon UHD1C222MHD (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 100% failure - high capacitance and DF.

Altera EP1C6Q240C8N (Date Codes 1201 & 1131) – 100% failure – Short pins and bad protective diodes.

Analog Devices AD581TH (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 17.5% failure rate – Low output.

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