UniGroup Worldwide Gives Advice on Moving

UniGroup Worldwide Gives Advice on MovingAs China’s economy continues to surge, an increasing number of companies are choosing to send expatriate talent to the Middle Kingdom to take advantage of this thriving economic miracle. Several recent studies have shown marked increases in international relocation assignments to the Asia Pacific, with China leading the list of countries as a hot job destination market.  With this in mind, we recently looked to a local relocation company – UniGroup Worldwide UTS – to give some advice on making the transition overseas.

First and foremost, if your company has decided to transfer you overseas, take a pre-move trip to your destination city in order to get acquainted with the area.  On this visit, contact a realtor to help give you an idea of size and fixtures at potential new homes, while at the same time showing which schools, supermarkets, social clubs and entertainment venues will be located in the surrounding neighborhood.

Once the final decision has been made to make the leap overseas, the stress of the actual relocation can quickly overwhelm even the strictest planner.  This is where professional relocation services can save you time, headaches, and most importantly – money.  Below is a step-by-step guide to taking advantage of international relocation services:

Step 1: Contact the relocation service.  A move coordinator will be assigned to your case who will answer any questions you may have prior to leaving – your coordinator is there to make the transition as relaxed and effortless as possible.  At this time, a partner mover in your origin location will perform a physical survey of your home and prepare a quotation for sending your personal effects overseas.  As many items will be subject to import duties, your move coordinator will be invaluable in helping you decide which items will be worthwhile to ship and which you should leave behind (An old computer may be charged higher import duties than it is even worth!)

Step 2:  Decide which method of shipment suits you best.  Shipping effects by Sea is a cost effective method but requires longer transit time.  Conversely, shipping by air will be much quicker but also more expensive.  Your moving coordinator will discuss all options with you prior to shipment.

The chart below gives approximate transit time between various locations:

UniGroup Gives Some Advice on Moving

Step 3: The relocation service will contact an origin partner who will professionally pack and wrap all of your personal effects prior to shipment.  As international freight services are notorious for damaging product, it is important that you have this professional assistance to ensure all of your valuables arrive safely.  Your relocation company will provide a full packing list as a receipt of all items entrusted to their care.  The following is a list of items that should not be shipped to China:

  • Firearms, Ammunition, Weapons & Explosives
  • TV Satellite dish
  • Telecommunication equipment, including cordless phones.
  • Copiers and fax machines
  • Unprocessed food, fresh meat, fresh vegetables, dairy products, and even baby powder milk.
  • Live plants
  • Poisons or illegal drugs
  • Printed/recorded material deemed detrimental to the political, economic, cultural, or moral atmosphere in China (including all pornographic materials)
  • Overlarge office items, such as large photocopier machine, which are not considered for personal or family usage.
  • Maps (where the Chinese border is not in accordance with PRC law)
  • All kinds of equipment/tool associated with gambling
  • Endangered and rare animals and their products, such as ivory
  • Counterfeit currencies
  • Motorcycles
  • Any other items that are determined by the local Customs Bureau to be of non-personal or non-family usage. These items may be seized if found in the shipment.

Step 4:  Prior to goods arriving in China, you should arrive in country with all necessary paperwork including work permit and residence permit.  You will be required to produce these documents in order to clear your goods through import customs.  Once the goods have cleared, an English speaking supervisor will lead a team to help unpack and set everything up in your new home.

Remember, your moving coordinator is there to make your life easier.  The key to a successful move is good planning and communication between you and your moving coordinator.  All important dates and documents should be discussed and recorded in the pre-move survey, at which time you should also let the coordinator know any special requirements you may have – remember, they are there to make your life easier!

For more information please email zachary_kever@unigroupworldwide.com

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