The Day I Met The Tooth Fairy

The Day I Met The Tooth FairyOne day many years ago when I was a small boy I was playing rounders’ at school and disaster struck. As I was stood waiting eagerly for my turn to bat the boy in front swung his bat back and caught me full blow in the mouth. Blood covered the playground and my front tooth was hanging down below my bottom lip held in by no more than a millimetre of the root.

The dental hospital were great and did all they could to save the tooth but unfortunately the root died and I was left with a dis-coloured grey front tooth. The dentist didn’t want to crown it as it was still growing.

By the time I reached my mid-teens I had been through the wars playing rugby and so didn’t see the point getting my tooth fixed, it would probably get broken again and what with my scar on my forehead from a football accident, my bent nose from having it broken so many times and my cauliflower like ears from scrum-aging it seemed to fit in quite well so I left it.

Fast forward 12 years or so and here I am in Shenzhen with my wedding to look forward to this year and suddenly the thought of having a grey tooth on my wedding photos doesn’t seem very appealing.

But what do I do, I am in China! I have heard plenty of horror stories about Chinese dentists and witnessed first-hand how the medical care here isn’t the best so the thought of putting my big day in the hands of somebody who may or may not be qualified was a real worry.

Step forward Dr. Zac Morse from Dental Bauhinia. Zac is probably the most qualified dentist in mainland China with numerous dental qualifications and years of experience.

I was telling Zac about my big day coming up and he couldn’t wait to help and get started on this grey tooth.

The Day I Met The Tooth FairyI started with a consultation and x-rays where we found the crown on the tooth next to my grey tooth(fitted by a Chinese dentist after a recent motorbike accident) had been poorly fitted and the gap left would easily get clogged with food and bacteria and likely lead to future oral hygiene problems. It needed changing for sure.

Zac gave me a couple of options, crown the dead tooth to match my existing teeth colour or bleach all my teeth white and then crown both my front teeth to match the new pearl white colour. There was no choice in my mind, if you are going to do something you may as well do it right so I agreed to have all my teeth bleached first then get my two front teeth crowned.

The teeth bleaching process lasted a couple of hours and was a little uncomfortable but the results were amazing as you can see on the attached pictures.

The Day I Met The Tooth FairyStraight away people noticed the difference and the job was only half done. A couple of weeks later I went back and had my dead tooth filed down and impressions taken of my two front teeth. What happened next was unexpected and proved how Dental Bauhinia really are prepared to go the extra mile to be the best.

Zac took me to a secret location where a German company make crowns to send back to Germany. Now I don’t know much about crowns but I know Germans make the most reliable cars so on that basis I guessed this must be good.

In the secret location the German owners with years of experience in the industry did the colour matching for my crowns and I went away excitedly waiting for my new front teeth.

A week later Zac called me to tell me my crowns were ready and were perfect. Off I went back to Dental Bauhinia at Coco Park and here I am today with my new front teeth.

Thanks you so much Zac, my confidence has shot up 100%. I can smile again.

If you have any dental worries at all then Zac is the person to call. He is friendly and helpful and I am sure would not hesitate to answer your questions and invite you in to his beautiful modern surgery for a consultation.

Call Zac on 13670038844 or email him at zacmorse@gmail.com

Dental Bauhinia address – 9th floor, Block B, Shenzhen international chamber of commerce tower, 138 first Fuhua rd, Futian.

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