I Don’t Mind Paying Some Tax (But No More Than I Need To!)

I Don't Mind Paying Some Tax  (But No More Than I Need To!)The attractions of working offshore, in China and other overseas locations, include; adventure, new cultures and hopefully large amounts of money. No doubt there are other attractions too that slip my mind for now. With big money comes the problem of either; paying high taxes back home, or leaving cash deposits in banks with negligible interest. To help our home communities invest and make life better for us and our loved ones, we should all be happy to pay some tax. But not too much!

Alan Brown, a UK citizen with twenty-four years as an investment specialist, recently arrived in Shenzhen with a simple mission: to provide sound, straightforward financial advice to fellow expatriates.  Airline pilots, oil & gas experts, manufacturers, technical geniuses and entrepreneurs all need someone to help explain the range of investment options available, so that they can make informed decisions about their own financial planning.

Having spent more than two decades working alongside Zurich, J Rothschild Partnership and St. James’s Place Wealth Management, Alan has learned that clients prefer to make up their own minds.  “People want a trusted adviser to guide them towards making wise choices, tailored to their own circumstances,” says Brown, who recently set up an office in Shekou. “Nobody wants a salesman pushing complex products with mysterious commission structures.” Brown believes that treating clients as human beings first is a fundamental part of his work that is missing in much of the industry today. “The way that some banks and other companies deal with us is degrading, even downright dishonest at times. It is enough to make a vicar curse.”

Brown believes that clients deserve respect and a straightforward, professional relationship with sound advice they can trust.

Expats based in Shenzhen, China or other parts of Asia to contact Alan with any questions about savings & investments, or if you would like to know more about building your retirement funds.  Any advice offered is without charge and there is no obligation. Personal reviews can be arranged by email, or by calling directly to arrange a face to face meeting.

Please contact:
Alan Brown, Executive Consultant
Global Wealth Management
Email: alan.brown@gwm-ltd.com
Phone: +86 136 3169 0100
Office 3/F New Times Plaza, 1 Taizi Road, Shekou, SZ, 518067

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