Trouble Finding Safe and Educational Toys in Shenzhen

Trouble Finding Safe and Educational Toys in ShenzhenHey parents, are you having trouble finding safe and quality toys or exciting storybooks for bedtime reading with your kids? Teachers, are you having trouble looking for creative teaching materials for your students? If yes, welcome to a one-stop, innovative learning resource center, My School Bus.

My School Bus is the first innovative kid’s learning resources center in Shenzhen. The owner of My School Bus Learning Resources Center, Martin McDonough, has over 20 years of early child education experience. With his extensive experience, he wanted to give back to a profession that has been good to him by creating a store that helps parents and teachers provide for a better learning environment for kids.

The brand new My School Bus Learning Resources Center provides high quality and valuable products for children from 0-12 years, a variety of storybooks, games, art & crafts, toys to support teaching and children’s learning. My School Bus Learning Resource Center is suitable for both ex-pats and the Chinese community.

The majority of storybooks at My School Bus Learning Resource Centers are from England and specifically Usborne publisher, the number one children’s book publisher in the world. Any wonderful and fascinating storybooks like the storybook with hand furry toys, adventurous story, fiction story & any kind of stories are available for the parents and teachers.

Trouble Finding Safe and Educational Toys in ShenzhenThe educational games and toys for kids make learning fun with math, language, social interaction, logic, etc. Kids can learn how to THINK while they are playing games. You can also find all the famous games of generations past, such as Scrabble and Twister, at My School Bus.

Arts & crafts includes paper crafts, art projects, coloring books, kid’s craft recipes, and many other items conducive to creative learning. It is the owner, Martin’s belief that by making arts & crafts more widely available, it can inspire kids’ creativity while allowing kids to be kids, having fun and making wonderful works of art!

Feel free to visit My School Bus Learning Resource Center at First Floor of Sea Taste Mall, Shekou. (Opposite of World of Hobby Games)

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