Traffic Police Reminds Drivers on Lane Merging

Traffic Police Reminds Drivers on Lane MergingA lot of Shenzhen drivers are unaware or are ignoring the concept of merging two lanes into one through alternating cars from each lane a move that is known as merging in turn. Traffic police are constantly reminding drivers to take turns by lane when merging when passing trough congested zones or construction areas.

The merging rule is known as zip merging in the United States because cars merging from two lanes into one are taking turns from alternating lanes looks like a closing zipper when viewed from above. Upon investigation it showed that most drivers simply don’t want to give way to another driver and seize the chance of improving their vehicle’s position in the traffic flow. This selfish driving can only lead to more traffic congestion of confusion and anger among drivers which in turn encourage erratic driving or uneven moving on the lanes.

Some drivers say that because of the cutthroat mentality prevalent on the roads forceful driving is necessary. When you follow rules and don’t take chances to cut on line, you have to wait for the whole morning to enter the lane since no one will give way to you as one driver told reporters. The concept of merging lanes in turn has existed for years in traffic regulations but is still a new idea to many of the Chinese drivers.

Traffic police will be doing more efforts to raise awareness in merging in turns which will create more space and safety on roads. Police are also reminding drivers that merging is only appropriate when vehicles are traveling slowly and when approaching traffic accidents or roadworks.

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