Captivating International 4th Annual Charity Gala

What an honor it is for Captivating International to present to the Shenzhen community its 4th Annual Charity Gala.  This event has grown from 200 people in its first year to an expected attendance of 650 people this year.  This is all due to the continuous support of our local community members and businesses.  Without them Captivating would not be able to continue year after year helping the hundreds of people it does.

Dragon Fruit Events www.dragonfruitevents.com has donatedtheir event planning services and is partnering with Captivating International to create a themed event – “The Future of Tradition”.  The purpose of the night is to explain to Captivating supporters why their help is desperately needed and bridge the gap between our modern day life and the traditions of the girls, woman and families Captivating is helping. The Seng girls will be our honored guests.  What a privilege it is to meet these beautiful girls and watch them perform their traditional dance and songs along with the QSI and SIS school choirs.   We have planned many new things for this year’s event and look forward to seeing you again this October.  For more information please visit www.captivatinggala.com or contact Lynn Velez at lynn@captivating.org.

Our 2012 Fundraising Goal is RMB 2.3 Million.  This year we strive to impact the lives of even more poverty stricken children and families.  Last year marked the end of 3 years of building and expanding programs for the Seng Girls’ Vocation Training School and Home (SGVTS.)  The SGVTS is our cornerstone project in the Qinghai region and relies on the funds raised at this year’s annual event to meet the daily needs of the girls as well as provide funding for their Self-Sustainability and Vocational Development Programs.   This year’s raised funds will also support two new programs, Village Development and High School Scholarships.  Together, these three projects (SGVTS, Village Development & High School Scholarships), will help us bring hope to even more young girls, women and families trapped in poverty.  We are thrilled to be in a position to impact hundreds of lives and, in the process, end poverty for generations to come.

We are currently in discussions with Heifer International about a new partnership opportunity addressing the desperate needs of women and girls trapped in poverty.  A pilot program will be funded from 2011 funds.  If successful, we will expand this work benefitting hundreds of families, women and girls.

Captivating International 4th Annual Charity Gala

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