Beach Park to Limit the Number of Visitors during the Holidays

Beach Park to Limit the Number of Visitors during the HolidaysDameisha Beach Park will be limiting the number of visitor to 50,000 a day during the National Day Holiday and Mid Autumn Festival that will kick off this Sunday. The beach park will open its doors from 6:00am to 1:00 am daily for the duration of the holiday.

Yantian officials is expecting a significant increase in the number of visitors from outside Shenzhen this year since the implementation of the toll free policy this summer that allows free road travel during the national holidays and Damiesha beach is known for its holiday crowds. Several residents said that the 50,000 limit is too high and should be lowered to 30,000. Last year visitors were limited to 30,000 and residents said that it was still crowded. Local government will still be encouraging local visitors planning to visit the park to avoid peak times, information such as traffic conditions, and the number of visitors at the park will be released through text messages, radio and television and on LED screens on local expressways. In case of bad weather the park will be closed to the public.

The beach park has a area of 360,000 square meters and is often crowded during the holidays, thus prompting local government to start limiting visitors to the park in 2009 in an attempt to control traffic congestion, environmental problems and security risks.

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