An Interview with DeskHabitat Co-Founder, Benoit Lavorata

An Interview with DeskHabitat Co-Founder, Benoit LavorataDesk Habitat offer personal offices, conference room and seminar room as well as a wide range of services. They also target your needs and are willing to create more useful offers as you need it. For instance:

  • Guarded space
  • Printing services
  • Office tools & softwares
  • Mobile applications
  • Office computers and personal computers
  • Coffe and tea
  • DHL and UPS Delivery
  • Websites
  • High speed internet
  • Brochure and flyers

To Learn more on Desk Habitat  we interviewed on of it’s co-founder Benoit Lavorata, a French businessman working in Shenzhen as an IT project manager, is co-founding the new business center DeskHabitat located in Seaworld, Shekou.

He has been living here for two years and intends to grow his actual business as well as helping small and medium companies to develop themselves in Shekou.

Last week I got to know him and learned more about DeskHabitat.

Q: Can you talk about your first visit to China?

B.L.: Sure, I first time came to China about 5 years ago. As a first job, I came to Qingdao to work for Thalicia, an IT company, for 3 months. I really enjoyed my time there and decided to come back later which I did ! After I graduated and did my first professional experiences in France, I moved to Shenzhen.

Q: Can you give us more details about Deskhabitat?

B.L.: Yes, of course. We are opening a new business center, Desk Habitat, which is meant to help small and medium businesses to enhance their activity.

We offer cost effective fully furnished offices, dedicated receptionist, meeting rooms, secretarial services, high speed internet and the support that will help you grow your business. This is a solution which demonstrates credibility to your clients, prospects and employees.

In details, we provide an office space to professionals who want a serious place to hold a meeting or share some good ideas with their colleagues instead of a coffee shop. This place is perfect to hold your meeting with all kind of actors, or work in a dedicated environment.

We combine services from DHL delivery to web and mobile application development thanks to our partners, all of it at a very competitive price. We give you all the bricks to make you project happen, and fast.
Our partners have special discount offers for DeskHabitat customers.

Q: How about your job as an IT project manager?

B.L.: Well, our company is a partner of Deskhabitat which is quite convenient for me ! We have staff there to offer their expertise to Deskhabitat customers.

Q: When can we visit you at DeskHabitat?

B.L.: Everyday 8:30am to 6:30pm. The grand Opening is planned for Friday, November 09. Please confirm your presence on our website !

Q: In a few words, how do we join?

B.L.: Just visit our website at http://www.deskhabitat.com and select the service you desire. For rooms and offices, you can directly book online (just your email is required). For the first three month, we have a big discount on the prices for you to try. If you become a member, you will accumulate points which will let you buy extra services at DeskHabitat.

Q: Where is the office ?

B.L.: We are located at the 2nd floor, Hai Yang Ge, Hai Bin Garden, No.5 Xing Hua Road, Seaworld.

When looking at Seaworld place from the road, turn left and follow the road. You should see our logo on the left on the same building than “Pirates Bar” (after China Mobile) where we will share the buffet. Meet us on the second floor.

Q: Why do you choose here as your business center location?

B.L.: Seaworld is the business center of Shekou and will become more and more important as huge investments have been made by Chinese banks. At the end of the year the new Seaworld will be finished, creating new opportunities as big firms will get offices there.

The “Net Valley” project and the new activities created here will most surely bring more business people in this area. We intend to give them an office for the length of their trip.

Q: Thank you, Benoit. Back to personal questions, how was your trip in Qingdao?

B.L.: Certainly a great city: people are friendly and the city comfortable. I spent three months there which passed like a three days. I first met China through Qingdao, and I was not disappointed: the food and beer was amazing!

Q: Do you have any expectation for your company and your life in Shenzhen?

B.L: We have built a lot of relationships here and we intend to stay on the long term. Although most of our customers are EU-based, we are targeting companies located in SZ and HK.

Concerning my life here, well I enjoy it: there is a lot to do around this area !

Thank you for your time, I really appreciate the conversation. I wish you the best for your projects and invite all the readers to give it a try or directly contact Benoit for more information at contact@deskhabitat.com or on their website http://deskhabitat.com/.

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