History In The Making

One for the Road is about to be the ONLY Pub/Bar/Restaurant in ASIA to have 5 ENGLISH IMPORT BEERS ON TAP!

COURAGE DIRECTORS is considered to be one of the finest bitters in Britain, Bombardier is the most popular Bitter in England, John Bull Classic Lager is the best lager in the world with John Bull Blonde Lager being recognised as one of the best white beers and finally YOUNG’s LONDON STOUT which in recent years has won awards for being the best stout and is one of WELLS & Young’s Brewery’s best selling items.

To celebrate this we have organised one of the biggest parties in the pubs history!

We have made more than 500 shirts (see below) in all sizes to give away on the night!

We hope to see you on Saturday and be part of the party!

Oh and by the way……….

Even though these beers are brewed in UK and of the highest standard they are nearly same price as UK

¥45 per pint regular price and…

¥35 per pint happy hour price…

Also all beers are served in UK pint glasses (568ml) making the One for the Road the only Pub/Bar in Dongguan serving real English pints, not European and China’s 500ml!

History In The Making

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