‘Party Like its 1999 at the City Jam – A Networking Event for Shenzhen’s Music Community’

For those of you who’ve been living on another planet these past few weeks, you may not have heard about the mass hysteria sweeping the globe about a minor event known as THE END OF THE WORLD! When? December 21st…this Friday, which means you don’t have much time to build your nuclear shelter, or to stock up on a year’s worth of condensed soup.

Such global events are predicted on a regular basis. The one that springs to mind is New Year’s Eve on 31st December 1999, where global meltdown was widely predicted. It was feared all the computers in the world would reset themselves to zero, because programmers had not had the foresight to look past the 20th century. Fortunately for the world, it turned out to be a total fallacy.

On a seemingly unrelated note, if you’re over the age of 40 you will probably remember a prophet known as Prince (or he was at the time, before adopting the moniker ‘The Love Symbol’, without giving us the benefit of explaining how it should be pronounced). He was a huge pop/rock star back in the 80s and he foresaw the end of the world (well, ok at least the end of the century…genius!) by projecting some seventeen years into the future and launching his anthem ‘1999’ back in 1982.

There is, believe it or not, a point to all of this…if we are not going to see Saturday due to some long predicted apocalyptic event, then we should indeed ‘party like it’s 1999’. Fortunately, we have the perfect recommendation.

‘City Jam’ at the Blu Bamboo – This Friday – 21st December 2012

We’re hungry for more live music. The talent is here; now let’s build the network to support it! Many of you know that Shenzhen’s live music scene has been simmering this past year with more venue owners opting for local musicians to rock the stage rather than sticking to the house band approach. With the recent addition of open mics to the city and the seemingly endless import of fresh foreign talent, our Shenzhen brew is about to boil!!

To help bring it to the surface, Shenzhen Local Music has organized a Musician’s Networking Event and show to bring the music community together. .Musicians, sound technicians, fans, venue/bar owners and event organizers are all welcome at the Blu Bamboo for “City Jam”, More than 30 local musicians in 6 bands are out to perform and everyone will have the chance to connect up. Here’s to more local live music bands!!!!

Some Perks:


Pizza – buy 1 get 1 free before 9:00 pm 1 free shot of Blu Bamboo, signature cocktail before 10:00 pm

Where: Blu Bamboo in Sea World, Shekou (click for directions)

When: First performance at 9:00pm, come earlier for meet and greet

'Party Like its 1999 at the City Jam - A Networking Event for Shenzhen's Music Community'

For More Information in the event visit Shenzhenlocalmusic.com

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