Lunar New Year Schedule from White Horse Laboratories

Lunar New Year Schedule from White Horse LaboratoriesGreetings!

The Dragon Year is coming to an end the Snake is just around the corner. During the Lunar New Year holiday, tens of millions of Chinese jump on whatever transportation they can find to return home to visit family and friends. Increasingly so the holiday is used for vacations to tourist destinations in addition to home towns.

Fortunetelling 2013

2013 is the Year of the Black Snake and it is going to be astute in observations and deft in actions. The Snake symbol of the 2013 year is active and has a very seductive nature. The 2013 Snake of the Kuei Szu year has the ability to read and react to complicated situations quickly, and in a controlled manner, which is good for business. But the 2013 Snake also needs to be careful of fanatical commitments since Snakes inclination to spend money more quickly than earn it, producing tensions in relationships.

Snake Strengths

The Snake is the 6th icon in the Chinese zodiac, is often characterized by acumen and deviation as well as malevolence, cattiness and mystery. In some places, people believe that a snake found in their home is a good omen as the family will not go hungry, and during the Spring Festival, people paste onto their doors and windows a paper-cut ‘Fu’ character (happiness) combined with a snake twisting around a rabbit, indicating wealth.

Snake Personality Traits

Snakes often have a good temper and are skilled communicators, but say relatively little. They possess gracious morality and great wisdom, are usually financially secure, have tremendous sympathy for others and would like to take actions to help their fellow human beings. Snakes are determined to accomplish their goals and hate to fail. Although they look calm on the surface, they are intense and passionate. They have a rich source of inspiration and understand themselves well. They are people of great perception.

Sounds much more auspicious than the Dragon Year to me!

Snake Weaknesses 

Snakes are also, however, likely to be jealous and suspicious. They prefer to rely on themselves and have doubts about other people’s judgment. They are courteous with polite manners, but they can be headstrong. They are fickle and usually have problems in relationships or marriage problems.

Be diligent in your scheduling as the holiday approaches. It is officially a three-day holiday but extended breaks are common and supply chains are disrupted for 2-3 weeks of closures or restricted activity.

Holiday Schedule

  • Our China operations will be closed from the 9th through the 17th of Februrary, 2013, reopening on Monday the 18th.
  • Our Hong Kong operations will be closed on Monday the 11th through the Wednesday the 13th of February, returning to work on the 14th, just in time for Valentine’s Day! We will be open on Saturday the 9th to complete the last shipping coming from our China operation on the 8th.
  • Mark and one of our Test Engineers will be on-duty during the Lunar New Year holiday break to attend to clients’ needs.
  • Many of the local trading companies will start closing by the 4th of February and are trying to complete shipments within January so please schedule accordingly.

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