Traffic Police Finalizes Measures on Yielding in Emergency Situations

Traffic Police Finalizes Measures on Yielding in Emergency SituationsCity traffic police are now finalizing detailed measures that will describe how vehicles must respond to ambulances and other vehicles in emergencies. The traffic police bureau made simple instructions on how to yield to ambulances in different traffic situations and have invited the public to an open forum and discussion.

Traffic police said that vehicles on one lane roads must pull over to the roadside if there is room, or to speed up in case there is no room to pull over. On two lanes vehicles must move to the right hand of the lane to give way to emergency vehicles. In cases when an ambulance arrives at a red light, blocking vehicles can drive over crosswalks but must make sure that there are no pedestrians then they can pull over to the right side. Vehicles driving parallel with ambulances most not overtake them or cut into the lane of the rushing ambulance.

In most situations in Shenzhen the ambulances can pass drivers if they yield, but still there are some drivers that continue to drive forward and ignoring the ambulances. To battle this problem traffic police have installed monitoring cameras on ambulances to record any vehicles that failed to yield so that they can use the video as evidence in pursuing violations and penalties.

Vehicles caught will be fined up to 300 yuan or have three points added to their licenses. Driver that violate traffic rules to yield to ambulances will not be subjected to fines and violations.

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  1. That is good idea, but look at motorway where there is a emergency lane, but the drivers totally ignore this, by driving in the emergency lane, if traffic jam the emergency lane would be blocked by cars, and the ambulance can not get to help the injured people, in Europe blocking the emergency lane would give 5000 RMB fine and disqualification of driving license for min 12 month, if injured people die as a result of drivers blocking the emergency lane the offenders would face manslaughter charges.flashing light and horn just be course the police or ambulance is taking his girlfriend out for dinner, he many time just put the horn and light on, and crosses red light, so it will be difficult to get the drives to respect the emergency vehicles as they are known for abusing it.
    Police or ambulance driver who abuses the emergency should be fined very heavy.
    In Europe every emergency is recorded inside the ambulance or police car and they have to answer for each such.

    The next is to also have a system where ambulances or police can not misuse the

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