January Saw a Total of 21 Hazy Days in Shenzhen

January Saw a Total of 21 Hazy Days in ShenzhenThe city environmental and weather officials recorded 21 hazy days in Shenzhen for the month of January the highest number of months since 2006. The hazy weather in Shenzhen peaked for 14 days from January 6 to 19 the 21 day total is just five days less than the January total of Beijing.

The hazy weather in Beijing made international news due to its off the charts air pollution, but officials argued that the pollution in both cities are not comparable due to several differences in severity and scale. Hazy days in Shenzhen last month had visibility greater than 3 kilometers and PM 2.5 levels were below normal readings when compared to Beijing.

Beijing had 26 hazy days in January which is considered the highest monthly total that the city experienced since it began tracking and recording data on air quality. Based on Shenzhen’s quality records, the city only had three days in which visibility was less than two kilometers. Air pollution in Shenzhen is said to come from vehicle emissions, and the air pollution in Beijing is a mixture of vehicle emission, burnt coal residue and other industrial discharge. The widespread use of coal in Beijing is said to be the major cause of the pollution.

Officials said that Shenzhen will unlikely see pollution levels that are similar to Beijing because of its location and climate. The monsoon season in Shenzhen helps with the dilution of pollutants in the city.

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