White Horse Laboratories Week 5 Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 5 Counterfeit Detection ReportThe fifth week of 2013 saw a small drop in inspection yields, while test yields continued their decline for a fourth straight consecutive week.

Inspection yields dipped to 82% from Week 4′s 85%. Electrical Testing yields continued to slide, landing at 65% from 68% in Week 4 from Week 3′s 74%. See below for this week’s listing of substandard parts. Most failures arose from damage and degradation caused by previous use.

Inspection Accept 82%  Electrical Testing Pass 65%

Week 5 Quality Report Substandard Part Listing

Xinlinx XC9572-15PC84C (Date Codes 0615 and 0629) – 16% Failure Rate -Program error and wrong ID.

Epson RTC4513 (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 100% Failure Rate – Parts cannot be programmed.

Analog Devices  AD7982BRMZ (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 100% Failure Rate – Digital data of 0×20000 at Zero-scale, Half-Scale(0x800H) and Full-scale.

Cirrus Logic  CS5102A-BL (Date Code 0339) – 28% Failure Rate - Short pins and bad protective diodes.

Xilinx XC4020E-4HQ208I (Date Code 1015) - 7% Failure Rate – Program cannot be loaded through bitstream via JTAG and PROM.
Xilinx XC4005E-4PQ100I (Date Code 1041 ) – 7% Failure Rate – Cannot load the program through bitstream via PROM and JTAG, and VCC shorted to GND.
Analog Devices AD8502ARJZ-REEL7 (Date Code 0952 ) – 100% Failure Rate – Low Voh and high Is.

Xinlinx Corporation XC95108-10PQ100C (Date Code 0629) – 9% Failure Rate – Program error and wrong ID.

Analog Devices MAT02-FH (Date Codes 0424 and 0436)- 6% Failure Rate – Internal transistors open circuit and high Ices.

Cirrus Logic  CS3301A-ISZ (Date Code 0752) – 7% Failure Rate – Distorted and uncharacteristic output waveforms.

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