OCT Bay Features Egyptian Relics Exhibit Until June

OCT Bay Features Egyptian Relics Exhibit Until June More than 300 relics from ancient Egypt are on display in the exhibition hall at the OCT Bay in Nanshan. The exhibit will include golden masks, mummies, arts and crafts which are being loaned by the Bolton Museum in Britain.

The exhibition will last until June 16 and is the largest overseas cultural project that is introduced to the mainland since 1949. The exhibit will feature Egyptian guides that will guide visitors to the various areas in the exhibition. One of the most precious items that are placed on display is the 3,000 year old mummified prince who is believed to be the son of Ramesses II. A curator for the UEG ADM in Denmark said that this is the most unusually well preserved mummy that he is seen.

A curator of Egyptology of the Bolton Museum said that the mummy’s eyes, teeth, nose and fingernails are still clear and muscles on his right hand are less develop than his left which suggested that his left handed. There are also wounds on his hands that suggest that he might also be a warrior. The mummified prince is said to be one of the hundreds sons and daughters of Ramesses II who is the most important kings of ancient Egypt.

The mummy was first discovered in a coffin that is designed for a female priestess, but through modern technology the mummy was later identified as the son of Ramesses II in 2008. Reasons why he was buried in a woman coffin is still unknown. But archeologists believed that he was buried in the coffin to avoid war or to possibly declare his love to a woman. In ancient Egypt a man or woman declare their love of each other by exchanging coffins when they are buried. During Egyptian times a mummy is a symbol of good luck since it represents power and health.

The exhibit will also include a replica of the tomb of Thutmose III, which will feature ancient Egypt’s splendid architecture. There will also be a mural of one of the tomb’s interior walls that holds the oldest and most complete records of ancient Egyptians beliefs which demonstrates adventures a man experience 12 hours before he reaches immortality.

The exhibit is intended to further promote cultural exchange and introduce the country’s culture to Shenzhen.

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