Police Expects Heavy Traffic During Tomb Sweeping Travel Season

Police Expects Heavy Traffic During Tomb Sweeping Travel SeasonHeavy traffic is expected on roads linking Shenzhen and its neighboring cities during the upcoming Qingming Festival this Thursday until Saturday, and is said to get worse during the seven day National Holiday and Spring Festival holidays as majority of the city residents prefer to do short weekend road trips.

Drivers are advised to avoid traveling between 10 pm on Wednesday up to noon on Thursday where traffic is expected to be the heaviest. Moderate to heavy traffic is expected on Huiyan and Shenshan expressway going to eastern Guangdong and on Jihe, Meiguan and Guangshen expressways. Travelers planning to go to eastern Guangdong can take the Boshen Expressway to Huizhou, Jihe and Shuiguan expressway and make their way to Snatou or Shenhai Expressway or go an alternate route which is the G324 National Highway.

Returning vehicles will likely to peak on Saturday night as the national too free policy on expressways will lure drivers to take short trips for tomb sweeping and other sightseeing routes. Once again drivers are reminded that vehicles with no more than seven seats are exempted from tolls starting early Thursday till late Saturday.

Traffic police will be monitoring and guiding vehicles at the tollgates during the peak of the travel season and the police is also encouraging driver to report any violations and is also suggesting residents to take public transport in reaching local cemeteries since it will be more convenient as the police will be controlling traffic at the three major cemeteries namely Dapeng Bay Overseas Chinese Cemetery in Yantian District, Bao’en Fudi Cemetery in Xili, and Jitian Cemetery in Shawan.

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