Five-Star Sports Expands to Longgang and Guangzhou

Five-Star Sports Expands to Longgang & GuangzhouFive-Star Sports China, Shenzhen’s largest basketball training company with over 400 students ages 3-17, has recently expanded by adding two new sites in Longgang and Guangzhou for students seeking to improve their overall basketball and English skills.

Recently hired American coach Bob Pierce, a former Asia Scout for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, will be the head instructor at the Longgang site.  Pierce’s extensive professional international coaching experience includes head coach of Shenzhen’s CBA feeder team, Xin Sheng Wei Basketball, the last three years as a head coach in Japan’s professional bj-League and a stint as an assistant coach with the Japanese Senior National Team.

Five-Star Sports Expands to Longgang & GuangzhouWhen asked about taking the position with Five-Star Sports last month, Pierce responded; “One main reason is that I really wanted to come back to China. The kids here really love basketball, and so Five-Star gives me the chance to do two things I really like, coach basketball, and enjoy China’s culture and language.

“As well,  I have seen Five-Star grow so much already, and I thought I could help it continue to grow and create more opportunities for young Chinese coaches.”

Five-Star Sports Expands to Longgang & GuangzhouHeading up operations in Guangzhou is CEO and Founder of Five-Star Sports, Joel Haines who has had more than 12 years coaching experience at all levels from elementary to university. Haines started Five-Star Sports approximately 3 years ago when he realized the interest and excitement young people in China had for basketball and their eagerness to improve.

“Since my arrival in Shenzhen, I’ve been amazed and insprired by the determination and drive within the people here. Progress and moving forward is what defines this great city,” recalls Haines, “So it’s been exciting to see that same determination amoung the young people that we teach who are thrilled to be learning and developing their basketball skills. What’s also been encouraging, is the fact that students keep coming and are delighted when they realize their own improvement and success.”

Five-Star Sports Expands to Longgang & GuangzhouCoaching and inspiring young people to pursue their dreams with hard-work, self-discipline and determination has been a passion of Haines’ since his own university days playing and competing.

Five-Star Sports is an official, legal Chinese entity that is a growing grassroots program for students seeking to better their basketball skills by learning from American and Canadian coaches and former professional players.  From just three students with one net, to well over 400 local and expat boys and girls, ages 3-17, in 9 locations (and counting!) throughout Shenzhen and Guangzhou, Five-Star Sports is pleased with the number of students continually expressing the desire to learn from the best: professional foreign coaches, and is hopeful about the opportunities basketball training will provide China’s youth in the future.

Not only do students benefit from Five-Star’s Age and Ability Based Curriculum that is integrated throughout the various after-school programs, weekly classes, holiday camps and clinics, competitive leagues, overseas camps, (and more!) but they also get to improve their English listening and speaking ability, all the while playing and doing what they love: basketball!

To get involved and learn more about Five-Star Sports, please check out www.fivestarsports.cn, call 400 990 9500 / 8628 9331, or email: info@fivestarsports.cn

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