Places to Learn More on Shenzhen’s Rich Cultural History

Places to Learn More on Shenzhen's Rich Cultural HistoryShenzhen do have a cultural side despite several reports made by the media. Shenzhen have four places in the central districts of Nanshan and Futian were residents can come and spend educational weekends and learn something as well.

The four places namely the Shenzhen Museum, the Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Overseas Chinese Town, also known as OCT and He Xiangning Art Museum.

Shenzhen Museum is the premier museum in Shenzhen which is located in the iconic Civic Center building in which exhibits have English translations which is perfect for travelers and expats in the city that are yearning to learn more of the culture in Shenzhen. The first floor of the museum offers a thematic exhibition filled with ancient artifacts while other halls are devoted to natural history a great place for children for the stuffed animal exhibit which are classified by the desert, forest, prairie and arctic regions. The second floor is focused on the city itself with exhibits dating back 7,000 years to the prehistoric times up to the different dynasties. Then a modern exhibit of the city which began with the opium wars of 1840 teaching visitors on the many uprisings, acts of colonial aggression and revolutions. The third floor represents the history of Shenzhen’s reform and opening up that began in 1978 with Den Xiaoping. The rooftop veranda is a perfect place to unwind after doing rounds in the museum.

The Guan Shanyue Art Musuem is named after a master of the Lingnan painting school and is opposite of the Children’s Palace and next to Lianhua Hill. His paintings were donated to the Shenzhen government and the top floors are permanent exhibitions of his works, while the first level has a steady rotation of both Chinese and international talent.  Bordering Nanshan is Overseas Chinese Town, or OCT is rich in creativity and hip design studios, several art galleries. Adjacent is Splendid China is the OCT Art and Design Gallery that focuses on contemporary design.

Then next to OCT is the traditionally styled He Xiangning Art Museum devoted to the artist of the same name. The first floor has a section devoted to her hybrid Japanese and Chinese style water paintings, full of mountainside landscapes and poems. The second floor is filled with sculptures and photography.

Often called a young city, but in fact Shenzhen has a lot to offer and there’s  lot to learn about the city rich history which museums can teach.

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