Traffic Police to Issue Fines to Pedestrian Violators

Traffic Police to Issue Fines to Pedestrian ViolatorsStarting May 23 city traffic police will start issuing fines of 20 yuan to a 100 yuan to jaywalkers and pedestrians that are caught violating traffic rules. The new fines are supported by more than 11,000 netizens who responded to the traffic department’s online survey.

According to traffic police pedestrians causing accidents, or ignoring a traffic officers persuasion, or is caught walking against a red light more than twice will be fined 100 yuan. Those caught failing to obey traffic lights during work day rush hours, walk against a red light twice and lead the walking against a red light will be fined 50 yuan. Pedestrians cited but assist police in maintaining traffic order will be exempted from the fines depending on the time they served whether is 60, 40 or 20 minutes. Jaywalkers and rule breaking pedestrians caught before Mat 23 will be fined 20 yuan and will undergo a verbal education from police officers

Once these new violations will be added to the national traffic violation system and will be covered by the improvements being done to China’s personal credit system, frequent violators will have difficulties on applying for loans, visas or starting a business. While students violations will be reported to their respective schools.

Violators can either pay their fines on the spot or through local banks and those who fail to pay their fines within 15 days, they will be given an overdue surcharge of 3 percent a day.

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  1. I think it is a very very good idea that the traffic rules are been enforced, which they should have been long time ago, look at Hong Kong or Singapore there the police is trained to issue fines to offenders, here the people totally ignore the Police.

    Good job please keep enforcing the traffic rules

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